Orphan Skeins: Pollock

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Greyed Rainbow
Greyed Rainbow
Blue Poles
Blue Poles

Another lovely yarn of which we have only a few extras; we offer it as an Orphan Skein.  These are unused first quality yarns.

Orphan skeins are discounted at least 15% --- actually, in this case, the yarn is discounted 20% ---  and looking for a good home. 


Pollock is a marvelous warm-weather yarn, of 55% Silk, 45% Linen.  Each ball has 349 yards/ 100g. 

#106:  Greyed Rainbow:  This combines pinks and golds and violets in a soft warm neutral blend.   

#108: Blue Poles:  As it suggests, this is a blend of varying blues from pale cloudy skies to deep oceans, some with a touch of aqua to them and some tending towards indigo.