Orphan Skeins: Transitions from Noro/ Super-Bulky

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We are continuing to find and offer yarns as Orphan Skeins.

Sometimes we only have one or two (rarely three) skeins leftover from kits and we have them here as "orphans" -- at a greatly reduced price (at least 15%) for as long as they last. 


Transitions had been re-released by Noro, after about ten years away, with a new fiber balance in October 2015.

The new fiber content is 55% wool, 10% silk, 7% cashmere, 7% angora, 7% alpaca, 7% kid mohair, 7% camel. Each skein has approximately 131 yards to its 100 gram skein with a recommended gauge of 3 stitches/inch.

What makes this extra-specially-super-wonderful is that this yarn transitions from fiber to fiber as it changes from color to color!


Even though this is far bulkier than the usual yarn we usually carry at Earth Faire, I simply couldn't resist. It is so unique and such fun to knit! So we brought in two colorways.

Berries Merry is a gentle blend of colors. I see pink and rose and seaglass and aqua and some green and lilac as well.

Cocula is deeper and richer with black and grey and purple with a bit of brown and cream as well.

I sort of see them as Springtime -- early blossom --- and Wintertime -- cocoa in the snow.

I would have a hard time choosing. Well, I did, didn't I? That's why we have both of these... :-)