Orphan Skeins: Uchiwa #9

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Orphan Skeins are yarn that are almost sold out.  So with one or two balls, we seek a good home for them and offer them at a great discount.


This yarn is from Noro and is called Uchiwa, with 547 yards/ 200g. It is made up of  50% Cotton + 30% Rayon + 20% Silk.  It also has long color runs though they tend to be a bit gentle  --- to quote Noro, it has "...unique contrasting color twists that create an eye-catching tweedy marl. At the same time, a longer, more subtle color blending produces a beautiful gradation in the background coloring."

The colorway we went for here is #9 Matsumoto, a beautiful blend of blacks and grays as well as sections of rose and a bit of lime.