Orphan Skeins: Woodstock or Isle of Wight

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Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight

I couldn't resist putting up these as Orphan Skeins.

Orphan Skeins are defined as wonderfully high quality skeins of yarn that we only have one or two left in (occasionally three but that is rare). And so we are putting them up as themselves and at a great discount (at least 15%), hoping that you see them and find the perfect skein for your next project. 

This is from Debbie Bliss; her Rialto Luxury Sock has 437 yards (400m) per 100g.  It is 75% superwash wool/ 25% nylon, and the plies are dyed in such a way that they form long color runs.  


Both of these colorways are great for uni-sex knitting.  The differences between them are subtle.

One is named Woodstock.  It is the colors of the earth and the forest. This is a warm-ish colorway, with olive greens, taupes and browns mingling with navy and wine.  

The other, called Isle of Wight, is cooler overall, being mostly colors in the brown and blue families It has lovely almost luminescent beige twined with pale sky blue, gradully deepening into ther tones of the blue and brown family.