Orphan Skeins:Noro Silk Garden Sock Solo

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Orphan skeins are high-quality unused skeins of which we only have a few left in stock.  Thus they are discounted at least 15% in hopes of finding them a good hom.e


This  Silk Garden Sock Solo is a 40% Wool/ 25% Silk/ 25% Nylon/ 10% Mohair blend with 328 yards (300m)/ 100 grams. 

Right to left in the photo here you will see:

1. Color # 1 is the natural colorway and is unique among the Solo colorways.  While remaining overall an almost-solid it has a wonderful myriad of subtle color:  slubs,speckles and short splashes. If you look closely you will see yellow and pink and rose and mint, blue and aqua, brown and charcoal.  

2.  Color #2 is a close-to-solid tweedy light gray with some cream and teal spun into the plies. 

3. Color #9 is again almost-solid and is mostly a deep charcoal, with some subtle variations and nuances of tone.

4. Color S43 is an almost-solid in a royal purple, with again some subtle variations of tone and a few runs of almost-pink and a few spots of blue.