Orphans: Poems Silk

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Ribbon Reef
Ribbon Reef
Health in Bloom
Health in Bloom
Baffin Island
Baffin Island

This is a webpage of yarns offered at a significant discount.   There are only a few left --- what we call "orphan skeins" --- and  we would like to find them good homes. 


Poems Silk is a worsted weight yarn composed of 75% wool and 25% silk, with 109 yards in each 50g skein.  

The folks at Universal Yarn write:  "The beautiful tonal shifts of our classic Poems wool roving yarn are accented by the added sheen of silk. A blend of 75% wool with 25% silk gives an extra snap to the color of everything you make with Poems Silk."

We have quite a few lovely colorways you can choose from.  Each is dyed with long color runs, so as to create a most lovely knitted or crocheted fabric. 


Some suggestions for patterns that can easily be adapted for this yarn -- fun projects that will look awesome: 

Lizard Ridge 

Sunburst DK Blanket


Sunny Days Tunisian Entrelac

Ten Stitch Zigzag

Inca Trail  (even though the original was knit in fingering weight and made a rectangular wrap, the Poems Silk could make it into a truly lovely blanket/afghan.)

Autumn Palette (ditto)

Rigoles (one of my absolute favorites)


We brought in:

1. Ribbon Reef

2. Health in Bloom

3. Wildberry

4.  Night Dive (sold out)

5.  Baffin Island (sold out)

6.  Neptune ‚Äč(sold out)