Ovale Decke Shawl/ Kits in TUS Gradiances

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The Eos, dyed in Old Rock Wall
The Eos, dyed in Old Rock Wall
Hayley's original shawl
Hayley's original shawl
A version knit by MsWolpe (Rav name) using the same Gradiance colorway, Old Rock Wall but as dyed in Selene.
A version knit by MsWolpe (Rav name) using the same Gradiance colorway, Old Rock Wall but as dyed in Selene.

This design is catch-your-breath gorgeous!

By  Hayley Tsang Sather, this Ovale Decke Shawl, also referred to as "OD", is a wonderful symphony of lace and beads. 

Get your pattern directly from Hayley on her Ravlery page here. This kit is intended to give you beautiful yarn and beads to knit it with.

The Design

Here is what Hayley writes: 

OD – Ovale Decke Shawl is a large deep-crescent shaped shawl based on a lesser-known Herbert Niebling pattern of the same name, Oval Doily in English. OD is worked from the top down with increases throughout the body. The original pattern is in an oval shape. I modified it into a softer deep-crescent shape.

Note however that the pattern requires one to use charts (it is not written out), and is rated for an Intermediate knitter.

The Yarn and Colorway

Based on Hayley's recommendations, our kits include enough lace weight yarn for making the larger version of the shawl.  This is not the same yarn as what she used -- you can see what we have in the small inset photo on the top picture and again right below that. 

Hayley writes:  This pattern is especially designed to allow knitters to have complete control over the final size of the finished shawl – from one 100g/400m fingering-weight skein to a large shawl using multiple skeins. 

 She recommends between 920-1300 yards/840-1200 meters of lace-weight yarns for the large version, as well as anything in between.  Though truly, the yardage is just a guide for OD is a very adaptable pattern.

Finished dimensions may be adjusted by knitting fewer sections as well as by using different yarn weights and needle sizes to achieve varying gauges. Note that yarn usage will vary depending on weight of yarn and/or needle size used.

What we have for these kits is Eos, from The Unique Sheep, a delicious 50/50 Merino & Tussah Silk  with each set consisting of four skeinettes of yarn, specially dyed to run gradually from one color into the next to create a wonderful flow of Gradiance.  

The total yardage you will have is 315 x 4 = 1260 yards, which should give you more than you need for this beauty.  

These skeins are dyed in gradually changing colors to form a whole that is really lovely.  This particular Gradiance coloway is called Old Rock Wall and is a pastel beauty that goes from a very gentle and subtle pink  into lilac into blue into green. 

The shawl may be knitted with or without beads.

Hayley recommends size 8/0 round beads for lace weight.  You can bead all or just some of these sections especially since the Large size has over 2000 beads!

Your kit will include well more 8/0s than that so you can pick and choose what you would like to bead or not.  

If you have a preference for bead color, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you, most likely a bead with a subtle coloration so as to add sparkle but not detract from the whole.