Le Paon Bleu Shawl/ Kits in TUS Gradiances

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Twilight set
Twilight set
Inwood set
Inwood set
Inbar's original shawl, © Inbar Rofman
Inbar's original shawl, © Inbar Rofman
Mary Scott's shawl, shown with her permission
Mary Scott's shawl, shown with her permission

A wonderful new designer, Le Paon Bleu Shawl (translates to The Blue Peacock) will be our first kitted shawl as created by Inbar Rofman.  

Please be sure to get the pattern directly from Inbar's Ravelry pageWhat we have put together here are kits of yarn and beads to help you create this beauty. 

One thing I want to mention:  the pattern is written by a left-handed knitter.  But fear not!  It is written so that both righties and lefties will be able to successfully and joyfully knit the shawl.

 The Design

Inbar writes: 

This shawl looks like the extravagant tail of a peacock.


The Yarn and Colorways

We are not kitting the same yarn that Inbar used in her original.  We have some really wonderful Gradiance colorways that we like very much for this; you can see them in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

Though one could knit this using just about any weight yarn, the original used lace weight yarn, about 689 - 733 yards (630 - 670m).  

Our yarn is from The Unique Sheep (TUS) and is the delicious Sea Silk, 51% silk/ 29% merino/ 20% Sea Cell™.  You will be getting a full 100 grams, totaling 876 yards, divided into sets of four skeins, each 219 yards/ 25g.  The colors change gradually skein to skein.  

Twilight is a slightly customized variation on our usual Twilight colorway, here with silver gray into medium grey very gradually changing into blue and then purple.  

Inwood is again customized for this set, with silver moving into gray into red-violet into rosy magenta.  

Aurora Blue is a variation on our usual Aurora Borealis colorway.  It leaves out the bright greens at the end and concentrates instead on the blues of the colorway from light into deeper.  To me it looks like the sky at twilight.  (Sorry, sold out)

Magic Mirror  is based on a color circle.  This set goes from a pale soft teal to a richer deeper one (or vice versa).  Think Caribbean Sea....(Sorry, sold out)


The pattern mentions size 9/0 beads.  As we only carry Miyuki and Toho beads, the closest we can come are size 8/0s, just a tad larger, and that is what is offered with this kit. 

Inbar used about 1,719 beads in her original shawl which translates to about 43 grams of size 8/0. If you look at the lovely shawl as knit by Mary Scott (Rav name maryscottrph) here, she used roughly 46g of beads. 

So each kit will have about 50g of size 8/0 beads, which will give you well more than enough

If you have a preference on colors, let me know -- otherwise I will choose for you.