Papillion (Butterfly) Shawl: Kits

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Shawl as knit in #3007 + Buckthorn
Shawl as knit in #3007 + Buckthorn
Shawl as knit in #3010 + Thuja
Shawl as knit in #3010 + Thuja
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Back in stock --- gorgeous kits for this shawl in new color combinations! Supplies are limited however.

Special introductory price through Friday, 9/23/2022.


One of the most gorgeous and intriguing designs I have come across, we are delighted to be able to offer some kits for this Butterfly/ Papillion Shawl.  

We are have some of the exact very unique Uneek fingering yarns that were used in some of the finished shawls you see here.


Please get the pattern directly from the designer, Marin Melchior, on this her Ravelry page


The Yarn and Colorways

The yarn is from Urth Yarns.  

Uneek Fingering is a 19.5 micron 100% merino yarn, with 435 yards/ 100g.  It feels really awesome.

Each is (to quote the yarn folks) "a truly unique self-striping hand dyed merino collection of vibrant colors."  It has long color runs which looks great in this design.

The solid color yarn is their Harvest Fingering.  The yarn itself is again 100% superfine merino with 435 yards/ 100g.  Each skein is organically hand-dyed using roots, nuts and fruits. They note that colors are sometimes subject to subtle variation as each harvest is different.  

Each kit will consist of two skeins of the Uneek Fingering plus one of the Harvest Fingering as described below:


Kit 1.  These colorways are #3007 in Uneek Fingering + the golden Buckthorn in Harvest Fingering.  

The #3007 colorway is a mix of very bright rainbow colors,with an emphasis on the cool colors.  There are a lot of reds of varying tones plus blues, teal, turquoise and some lime (as the main colors I see).

And Buckthorn is a rich deep golden color, not too bright but a wonderful contrast as you see in the photos of the shawl. 


Kit 2:  Here is Uneek Fingering in #3010  + Thuja (Black) in Harvest Fingering: 

Colorway #3010 is a rich and vibrant blend of colors -- really striking.  There is rich yellows and golds, ambers and oranges, turquoise and spring green, red-violets and roses.  

 It looks great paired with Thuja (black) as a striking and dramatic contrast.