Path Thru Trees : Uneek Worsted

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Uneek Worsted #4002 skeins.
Uneek Worsted #4002 skeins.
Louise's original jackets
Louise's original jackets

This cardigan, Path Thru Trees, is simply awesome!


Please be sure to get your pattern directly from the designer, Louisa Seever, on her Ravelry page here.  What we have on this page are lots of options for putting together yarns to knit this in. 


The Design

Here is what Louisa writes:

The sweater consists of a panel of “trees” in the center of the back, and a front band of trees that wraps around the top of the back to form a collar.

The front and back of each body side are worked as a single piece with side decreases in the center to act as the side seam. The body sides are sewn to the panel/band.

The panel and bands are worked in German short rows and the body is stockinette.

The Yarn and Colorways

I thought long and hard about how to put together kits for this.  I figure that many of you already have lots of stash including solid colored yarns that you might be able to use for the sides and sleeves.  So I wanted to offer choices on what you purchase newly here.

If you would like some Rios skeins to use for the sides and sleeves, please contact me to discuss colors and to set up a special web page for this. 


 This kit consists simply of three skeins of your choice between the two Uneek Worsteds that Louisa used in her original pieces, the one you see here with navy blue sides and sleeves and the one with the apple green body.   

The yarn is 100% superwash merino with 220 yards/ 100g.

She specifies in the pattern three skeins and that is what we will include.  Note that two test knitters needed only two skeins.  If you wouldn't mind playing a bit of "yarn chicken", I can set you up with two instead.  

We have two colorways.

#4002 is the colorway you see in the jacket with navy sleeves and sides. 

#4003 is the colorway you see in the jacket with apple green sleeves and sides. 


If you have worsted weight yarn in solid or almost-solid colorways in your stash, then this is really all you need to add.


(We have some skeins in stock of Rios in Apple Green, as you see in the last two photos on this page, as well as Paris Night, to duplicate the look of the top photos.  We also have a few good contrast colors for in between the short rows. 

This is not part of what we automatically are offering on this web page.  This page simply gives you the long color run yarn Uneek Worsted, in your choice of two colorways.  Please contact us if you would like to talk to us about setting you up with a "full kit.")



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