Paua Shell Topper/ Pattern by Jane Thornley

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This is a brand-new pattern from Jane Thornley. Jane spent much of the winter in New Zealand and the South Pacific (lucky duck!) and came home to make this homage to the Paua Shell.

Here is what she writes:

"This gorgeous shell, native to the deep blue waters of New Zealand, is noted for its predominant blue and purple color currents reflecting silvery luminescence. Occasionally woven with copper, chunky browns, blacks, and ribbons of silver, the surface virtually dances with radiance, a synergy captured in this loose, swing-y, top.

"Here’s an easy, one-size fits all knit with drop sleeves and a deep single-button neckline perfect for all body types. Kimono-like, on lean forms, the knitted fabric drapes around the body in elegant waves while streamlining more abundant shapes... Could there be an easier cover-up for a chill summer’s eve? It’s like wearing a shawl minus the pesky ends. In cooler climes, try wearing it over a turtle neck.

"Random feather & fan is featured here along with bands of garter, stockinet, and wave stitch (a variation of the drop or long stitch). The combination evokes the movement of light playing across the shell’s surface and keeps the weight lacy and open. It’s so much fun to knit! Boredom need not apply. Just cast on with size US 6 ( 4.5 mm) needles and start playing with yarns in primarily blues, purples and greens, surely the most soul-satisfying colors in existence. Three inches into the piece, you have the option to move to larger needles making this a fast knit to complete.

"Knit from your stash or start anew. As with all free-range knitting, any yarn works here but I recommend using lighter sock-weight yarns mixed with DK’s and the occasional band of scrunchy ribbon for a summer feel. Most of the yarns used in the original are silk or silk-wool blends. Sometimes I double them up by holding two yarns together while I knit and at others times I’ll knit the yarn single ply. The design allows for plenty of variation in yarn types so don’t fret about keeping everything the same."

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This is a beauty. Great summer knitting and a wonderful project to "shop-your-stash" for.