Perseids: Beaded Kits in ArtYarns' Merino Cloud

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Colorway 2371
Colorway 2371
Colorway 611
Colorway 611
Susanna's original, © Susanna IC
Susanna's original, © Susanna IC

I was asked to put together a kit using softer, more pastel-ish colors for this stunning shawl.  And as we just got in two lovely colorways of ArtYarns' Merino Cloud, well heck!  :-)


A lovely design by Susanna IC, Perseids is a tribute to the annual light show that Mother Nature puts on. 

Please be sure to get your copy of the pattern from Susanna's Ravelry page here.  What we offer is yarn and beads so you can knit this gorgeous shawl. 

The Design

Here is what Susanna writes: 

Every summer the Perseids meteor showers can be seen in the night skies of the Northern Hemisphere. Considered the best meteor shower of the year, its rate can reach more than sixty meteors per hour.

I took my inspiration from this incredible light show and designed a triangular shawl using an easy-to-knit lace that just flies off the needles. Much like the meteors in the sky, the lace itself has a lot of directional movement and I added sparkly beads in an interesting configuration to further reflect the original inspiration (approx 950 6/0 4.00 mm seed beads, optional).

The shawl is worked in fairly basic lace stitches from end-to-end with just one skein of this fingering yarn, so beautifully hand-dyed by Yarn Carnival. All the beads are optional and the shawl can be left unblocked (unblocked measurements: 26” deep and 53” long wingspan), which makes Perseids not only a quick project but also a perfect last minute gift.

The Yarn and Colorways

We are not kitting the exact yarn nor colorway that Susanna used in her original piece.  You can see what we have in the inset photos on the top picture and then again right below that. 

Merino Cloud is (and I quote ArtYarns' website here), "Light as a feather yet substantial at the same time, this yarn has an ideal combination of Merino wool and the fine Italian cashmere that Artyarns is best known for."


The fiber is 80% Fine Merino 20% Cashmere , and each skein has 437 yards (400m)/ 100g. 

This makes it slightly less yardage than what Suzanna has written on her Ravelry page (450 - 490 yards (411 - 448 m)), but I noticed that the finished projects used quite a variation of yardages.  

Susanna writes further: Perseids can be customized in many ways. The size can be easily changed - it can be made larger or smaller just by working a different number of repeats of the lace chart.

So we will be including one skein of yarn in each kit.  If you would like a second one, either go for two kits or contact me and we will work with you for a specially personalized kit as long as we have stock. 


1. ArtYarn's colorway #2371 is an extremely pale pinkish lilac on a cream background -- it is such a pale pastel that it is almost non-existent except that the color is there.  I just cannot think of the right word.  Take a look at the photo.  It is the color of shadows on the snow, with the beads glistening like ice crystals.  

(Sorry, sold out)

2. The colorway #611 has a lot more variation to it but still soft tnough to work with thiis design.  Instead of a meteor shower, I see this as a gentle spring flower garden, with the beads being tiny dew drops in the grass.  

The Beads

Beads are optional but will be added as part of this kit.  

For a fully beaded shawl, as written, one would need about 950 size 6/0 beads.  

Now, Susanna also writes:  The beading scheme can be changed as well - you can bead a different number of pattern repeats or only the edges. You can choose to bead all the repeats for a truly super-beady shawl, or leave the beads off completely - the wrap will be beautiful without any beads.

We are offering two bead options via a drop-down menu you'll see under the first photo on this page. 

The kit will automatically have as part of it about 420 size 6/0 beads (35g).

Or you can decide to go for the super-beady amount and 950 beads or about 80g.

Any way you choose, this will be quite a beautiful piece!

BTW, if you have a preference on bead color, let me know.  I tend to like subtle looks with beads that mirror the yarn colors while still standing out. If I don't hear from you, I'll choose.


To sum up:  This kit will include one skein of yarn + about 35g of 6/0 beads.  If you want more yarn, you could either order two or contact me to set up something more specific.  And if you want more beads there is that option via the drop-down menu.