Polyphony: Kits in Gomitolo Versione

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Copper-to-Turquoise (with black)
Copper-to-Turquoise (with black)
Pumpkin-Strawberry Patch (with black)
Pumpkin-Strawberry Patch (with black)
This and following photos show some of BarbAnn's shawls as knit in other yarns so you can get a good look at the design.
This and following photos show some of BarbAnn's shawls as knit in other yarns so you can get a good look at the design.

Back in stock with minor modifications! 

Our contrast yarn has changed (which incidentally lowers the cost a bit as well -- a nice extra plus) Details below.


This design really sings to me. 

Created by  BarbAnn Pappas, Polyphony is a wonderful way to play with colors.


Please be sure to get the pattern from BarbAnn on her Ravelry page here Ww have not factored the pattern cost into this kit as the designer would prefer you to get it from her.  What we have put together are kits of lovely yarn to knit this with. 


The Design

Here is what BarbAnn writes about this: 

Po·lyph·o·ny - simultaneously combining several parts, each forming an individual melody and harmonizing with each other.

This is a shawl that stays on your shoulders!

Just like a song with multiple parts creating a melody, the many entwining shapes of this wrap let gradient yarns sing! This is a 3 pointed wrap that is constructed with 8 increases every right side row. This produces a generous wrap that can be worn a multitude of ways.

Short rows create a unique and sophisticated design that dances across the fabric giving a sense of movement. Made individually, each shape becomes part of an interesting and intriguing design, therefore like a multi-part song they harmonize and complement each other.

Gradient, stripe or ombre yarns works best as the Main color for this design. Another contrasting colored yarn is used to outline and highlight each shape.

The Yarn and Colorways

We did not put together kits using the same yarn that BarbAnn used in her original.  Indeed we didn't even got for fingering weight yarns. 

When I noticed in the yarn suggestions on the pattern itself "Lana Grossa Gomitolo Versione"  then I was really hooked! It is a yarn I've had my eye on for a while and looking for any excuse to bring in. :-)

Take a look at this version that the designer knit using this yarn herself.  Perfect for those of us who want a large wrap to snuggle into!


Gomitolo Versione is used as our Main Color yarn in all the kits below.  This is made up of 60% Wool, 40% Acrylic and has about 770 yards + or - per 200g cake.  

The colorways are rich and with loooooong runs that suit this design perfectly.

One cake of Gomitolo Versione will be in each kit.

For the Contrast Color we needed to find a solid or semi-solid of similar weight that contrasts well to the Main Colors.  All that is needed is about 300 yards.  We chose various yarns depending on the colors that contrasted best -- these are described below. 

This time our contrast color yarn is a bit different from the last time we offered this kit.  We were unable to bring back what we had before so after a bit of searching we settled on Malabrigo's Rastito, a silky smooth 100% merino wool, slightly felted, with 310 yards/ 100g skein.  

The color that will go in each kit is pure and simply Black.  It is a perfect foil for each of these colorways and outlines the colors beautifully, giving a look very much like a Stained Glass Window.

And as it is meets the requirement of 300 yards, we will include only one skein of Rastita in each kit , unless you contact us and ask for a second one, just in case. 


Kit A: (Sorry, sold out)

MC: This is the exact colorway you see in the top photo on this page and on BarbAnn's page here. Called simply Copper-to-Turquoise, it is exactly that -- gold into copper into green into turquoise into teal.  Beautiful.  

CC:  From Malabrigo, Rastita in Black.

Again,the top photo shows this design as knit with Copper-to-Turquoise as the Main Colorway (the contrast yarn is different). 


Kit B:

MC:  Here we have just a few skeins of a colorway with the great name of Pumpkin - Strawberry Patch.   A perfect summer look --- think of a candy-like melody with fuchsia and neon orange, berry red and soft brown.  Really a smile maker!

CC:  From Malabrigo, Rastita in Black