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Aline's original. All these photos are © Skeinwalker Knits.
Aline's original. All these photos are © Skeinwalker Knits.

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I just couldn't resist this lovely cowl design by Skeinwalker Knits. Poppy Path is a perfect almost-late-minute knit --- it is a fairly fast knit and has an awesome look.

The way to get this pattern is via Aline's Ravelry page. This puts a copy in your Ravelry library and ensures you get any updates right away.  What we offer here is yarn and possibly beads (if you so decide). 

The Design

Here is what Aline writes:

Golden rolling hills dotted with red. A long path winding through the fields. A feel of summer, warm and abundant.

This is what poppies remind me of. I love poppies. They look frail with their thin translucent petals. Yet they stand tall in the wheat fields, adding a touch of colour to an otherwise monochrome landscape.

The Poppy Path cowl is inspired by these images. 

The cowl starts with a lacy yarn-over edging and continues with an all-over lace pattern winding its way up the cowl. Curves flow into one another to form an organic pattern. 

The Poppy Path cowl will be your perfect ally for those nice summer evenings and will for sure add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

And I have to add that it will add color and warmth to dark winter days as well!

Yarn and Colorways

Our kits do not feature the same yarn as what Aline knit her original cowl with.  You can see our yarns in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

The photos of the original cowl by Aline are being used with her permission and are all © Skeinwalker Knits.

Her original yarn was a cotton --- and that would be a great choice as well. What we chose is an absolutely deliciously scrumptious yarn from Colinton of Australia. The yarn is 100% young goat mohair but it has not been brushed.  So the yarn has an amazing hand to it but doesn't have all those fly-away fuzzies to it.  

The stitchwork, of course, will be a bit more muted than shows up in the cotton piece you see on these pages.  

Considered a light fingering weight yarn, it has 115 yards/ 50g skein.  

You can read a bit more about this yarn here.

One colorway we have mimics Aline's original.  Called Shibaz, it is a wondrous wine, a solid colorway that has such luster and depth to it -- I wish I could hand it over to you to look at and feel. 

As Aline recommends 234 yards (214 m) to knit this piece, two skeins will make up your kit. 


There are no beads as part of this pattern but if you want to add some, by all means go ahead. 

We are offering the choice of getting the yarn only for this kit or the yarn + about 20g of size 6/0 beads.  That will give you about 240 beads. 

You will have to decide where to put them. 

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.



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