Praline/ Pattern/ Bead Gift

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I love this.

Kourtney Robinson has created such a lovely piece in this Praline.

Here is how Kourtney describes it:

Praline is a shallow crescent worked in garter stitch from the nape outwards, with a lightly beaded lace edging that is a Japanese variant of feather and fan. Inspired by the pleasures of ice cream on a hot day and first released as part of a club in 2012, I’ve updated the layout and presented it here in either fingering or heavy laceweight.

Praline’s shape is the result of its long tab beginning, intermittent increases at the center, and regular increases at each edge, along with a dropped yarn over to make sure that the edge is soft and elastic. (No short rows!) The beads are placed onto each individual stitch after it has been worked, using a crochet hook. The bound-off edge has strategically placed increases and decreases to encourage the nineteen curves. If you are knitting with laceweight yarn that is sturdy enough to stand a thorough blocking, you may prefer to knit it on smaller needles and block it to size.

Now Kourtney goes onto say that all you will need one 400 yard skein of fingering or heavy laceweight and 180 6/0 seed beads. We did put together what I feel are some great kits for this beauty --- take a look here.

Then I thought perhaps you might like to choose your own yarn. So as our special offer to you, if you purchase the pattern (here) plus enough yarn from us too (either lace or finger weights) we will give you as a special gift the needed 180 6/0 seed beads to make this with. Bear in mind, Kourtney recommends fingering or heavy lace weight but we'll leave the final choice up to you.

This is really special indeed -- and a wonderful way to welcome spring!