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Monica's original shawl, just to show you the design.
Monica's original shawl, just to show you the design.
Here is the Harvest Moon Colorway (with the skeins lined up instead of as a circle).
Here is the Harvest Moon Colorway (with the skeins lined up instead of as a circle).

We are able to open this up again to take Pre-Orders. 

That means that after you place your order it gets added to the dye queue -- it might take up to 4 to 6 weeks for your yarn to be ready, at which point it gets sent to me for kitting up with beads.

If you don't mind the wait, believe me it is well-worth it!


Please note our policy on shipping pre-orders here.


This is simply amazingly gorgeous!

The design is by Em Lyn Knits, her pattern called Sow A Little Seed


Please get your copy of the pattern directly from her Ravelry page here


And here is what the amazing designer (Monica) writes: 

With its botanical theme and colorful, glass seed beads scattered throughout, this sampler shawl flourishes with touches of whimsy and sparkle.

Beginning with a decorative leaf border, this oversized piece moves through a stunning rainbow gradient and then back again with symbols of natural beauty and growth...

This shawl is knitted in two halves, which are then seamed together using the Kitchener stitch. Instructions for this technique are included at the end of the pattern.

You’ll begin by working a decorative leaf border, and then the border is turned so that stitches can be picked up along its longer, flat edge. You’ll then work one half of the length of the shawl before repeating these steps for the second half.

Throughout the design, there are a number of areas that include beading. While this pattern can be made without beads, I encourage you to add them for full impact. Don’t worry if you haven’t beaded before. I’ll walk you through it.

About the Yarn and Colorway and Beads

Well, this kit does not use the exact yarn that Monica used in her original.  Instead, we wanted to see if a fingering weight yarn from The Unique Sheep would work.

With the wonderful help of Kelly of The Unique Sheep, we set up a test knit with Mary Scott (Rav name: maryscottrph) --- yarn plus beads -- and she did an awesome job. 

So while the original piece by Em Lyn used 7 skeins of colors, this version gives you a set of 12 colors, dyed in a Gradiance set called Harvest Moon.  Take a look at Mary Scott's Ravelry project page to see how she modified the design to use 12 colors. 

So what does this kit consist of? 

The original kits were dyed in Verve, a superwash merino.  And happily that yarn is again available so that is what all future kits will be dyed in too.

The yarn is dyed into a 12-skein circle set of Harvest Moon.  This gives you 1200 yards + or -/ 300g.  

Plus a mix of beads, chosen to work beautifully (if I do say so myself) with the colors of the yarn.  The pattern calls for 2,308 size 6/0 beads and your kit will give you a bit more than that. 


Wow and wow again.