Prince Edward Island: Beaded Kits

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Anne-Lise's original shawls.
Anne-Lise's original shawls.

Prince Edward Island is a creation by Anne-Lise Maigaard of LittleGreenDragon Designs and is simply lovely.

The Design

Here is how Anne-Lise describes it:

This is the sixth Canadian province to get it’s own shawl design through the LittleGreenDragon.

The provincial flower of Prince Edward Island is the orchid called “The Lady’s Slipper”, and this flower adorns both the center and the edges of this lacy shawl. The shawl even has a shape that resembles the island, with a center and two wings stretching out.

...The shawl is worked in the round from the center out until final width is reached. Then the two sides are extended to form the ”wings”. No grafting needed. Sides can be worked straight as in the white shawl shown, or at an angle to form a V-shaped shawl.

This is really really beautiful.

The finished size is 28 inches (70 cm) wide, 60 inches (180 cm) long when worked as written. Note however that it is easy to change the length of the shawl -- instructions for how to do this is included in the pattern. You might also want to change the width -- in that case you'd need to change needle size and/or use a different weight yarn.

The needles that Anne-Lise used were US 4 (3.5 mm) circular needle. You should use the needle you need to get a fabric you like. Double pointed needles (dpns) in the same size for the circular CO will also be needed, or plan to use a long circular needle and magic loop.

The Yarn

Anne-Lise used 2 skeins of Zitron Filisilk, 70% merino 30% silk, 656 yards (600 m) / 100g --- she needed 160 g for the white shawl as shown.

Unfortunately, we no longer can get this yarn. Instead each kit will include one skein of Skacel's Merino Lace Light, a 100% merino wool, plied, with 1,400 meters (a bit more than 1,530 yards).

( Just a thought or two here: This yarn is a very (very) good price for a high-quality high-yardage lace weight yarn and we are really pleased to be able to offer it, especially for this lovely design.  This yarn is only available in a few neutral colorways -- it is a marvelous coincidence that this pattern works up so well in those colors too.) 

The Colorways

We brought in two colorways for this shawl.

1. Bliss is simply a cream color, pure and simple. 

2. Shade is a lovely medium gray, with subtle nuances of shade to it. 

One skein will be in each kit. 

The Beads

What is needed for this shawl is seed beads of size 8/0: 176 beads for the center flowers, and 400 beads for each repeat of the flower motifs.

And you might also like some drop beads 3.4 mm or magatamas 4 mm for the picots, according to taste. If you would like this you will need 250 drop beads for the white shawl as written.

Bear in mind that the beads are optional.

The purple shawl shown on this page used 976 beads, with only the last two rows of flowers are beaded. If that one had also had the flowers at the beginning of the wing been beaded too, it would have needed 1376 beads.

Your kit will include one 35 gram container of size 8/0 beads -- that will give you about 1,400 beads, which leaves you with lots of options.

If you decide you would like to add some magatamas, take a look at our current selection here or contact me for ideas. Note that these drop beads or magatamas will not automatically be included as part of the kit (though more than enough 8/0 beads will be definitely included in your kit).

There are lots of choices for bead color.  I like the idea of silver or pewter beads for the Shade (the silver ones look like tiny stars) and I prefer warmer golden beads for the Bliss colorway as the ecru is just a touch warm in tone). 

Or you might like completely different colors.  

If you have a preference, let me know. Otherwise I will choose for you.

The Pattern

Anne-Lise rates this design as for medium to advanced knitters. The directions are charts only.

Note also that the kit will not automatically include the pattern, nor has the pattern cost been factored into the kit.

I know some knitters prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Anne-Lise via her Ravelry web page. In that case, make sure the drop-down menu is set to "No Pattern Needed."

Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, then the "Pattern" drop-down menu should be set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you via email (just be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you and usually do that right before your kit is shipped).

Let me make it clear that if I email you the pattern, it will not be added to your Ravelry library; if that is where you would like it saved, then please get it directly from Anne-Lise as noted above.

Make sure that both drop-down menus are set as you would like before you check out.

This is really beautiful.


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