Prism Yarn: Merino Mia / Lapis

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A lovely yarn from Prism Yarn, called Merino Mia Layers.

This is a yarn that is beautifully twisted, soft, easy to knit, has a lovely sheen and takes vibrant, clear colors extremely well. The Layers™ part of it refers to the dye process: it is a style of dyeing unique to Prism, Layers are complex colors that are dyed one at a time over one another. The result is non-pooling, non-striping, subtle overlays of color upon color, with both parents visible as well as every combination between the two.

The yarn is 100% merino wool with 190 yards to each 2 ounce skein.

This colorway is called Lapis, and is a tonal blend of teals, including tones of blue teal and some of green.

A marvelous depth.