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Art Nouveau in Mechita
Art Nouveau in Mechita
An extreme close-up of the yarn to show the colorway better.
An extreme close-up of the yarn to show the colorway better.
Susanna's original shawl.
Susanna's original shawl.

A beautiful beaded shawl from Susanna IC!   

Please note:  It is best if you plan to get the pattern for this lovely shawl from Susanna's Ravelry page. 


The Design

Here is how Susanna describes this piece:

The inspiration for this design comes from the night sky and mankind’s fascination with the infinite space. Found in the constellation of Centaurus and just over four light years away, the star Proxima is the Sun’s closest neighbor. Interestingly, an Earth-sized planet was recently discovered within the star’s habitable zone, which could make it a convenient first stop in future exploration of the universe outside the solar system.

The shawl combines modern lines with a simple chevron eyelet pattern.

Proxima is knitted simply in one piece, starting at the center of the top edge without the need for a garter tab.

Beads are sprinkled along the bottom edge of the lace to further enhance the impression of a starry sky and to provide extra texture and drape to the finished piece...

The shawl is shaped into an elongated triangle using double increases at the center and along both edges. This practical shape offers numerous ways of tying and draping without the need for a shawl pin.

This project is not difficult even for the beginner lace knitter because the lace pattern is formed with fairly basic stitches, the reverse rows are purled and the addition of beads is optional. All of this makes Proxima a fun and easy one-skein project, perfect for last-minute gift knitting.

The Yarn and Colorways

Please bear in mind that our kit is made up of a different choice in yarn and colors than the original was knit with -- you can see our yarn in the inset photo on the top picture and again below it. The rest of the photos are of the original shawls that Susanna knit and are there to show you the design itself.

What we have put together is some lovely kits using Mechita from Malabrigo.  This is a 100% merino superwah with about 420 yards/ 100g skein. 

Thus one skein will work for this shawl though if you would like to make a larger one or feel that your gauge might be a bit off, go for two (contact us and we'll work with you to set up a special kit).   

The colorway is a brand-new one.  It is called Art Nouveau, and has quite an intriguing look. At first glance it seems to me a black with some variations of tone.  A closer look and you see hidden gems of color; I see reds and greens, oranges and golds.  I suspect that the yarn might have been dyed first in a speckled color mix and then over-dyed in black.  

This is a very hard color to photograph.  

The Beads

Susanna has made the beads for this design optional -- our kits will include them.  What is needed is about 181 size 6/0 beads.  Each kit will include a 20g container of 6/0s which will give you roughly 240 beads. 

If you have a preference on your bead color, let me know. Otherwise I will choose for you.  I particularly like the idea of silver lined crystal beads to stand out dramatically on the shawl and really emphasize the idea of stars in the heavens.  


Reminder: plan to get the pattern for this lovely shawl from Susanna's Ravelry page. 


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