Puffy Flowers/ Crochet Pattern by Ellene Warren

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A wonderful new pattern from Ellene Warren!

We are always on the lookout for new and intriguing designs and Ellene is a major source of inspiration. This is a fantabulous concept -- Puffy Flowers which can be made in any weight yarn and used for so many wonderful embellishment ideas!

The pattern itself mentions the yarn used as the linen lace from "Claudia Hand Painted Yarn" but Ellene assures me that it works up great in bits and pieces of virtually any yarn. All you need is roughly 45 yards of green, two other solids and three coordinating variegates (or whatever colors appeal to you -- who says flowers have to be realistic, after all?).

The ones you see here were indeed done in this light weight linen yarn (I borrowed Ellene's photos), using a size D-3/3.25 mm hook --- you should simply use the hook that is appropriate to your yarn.

These are great little pieces, and Ellene has so many wonderful ideas for this pattern. She suggests as well: "Before stuffing, you can scent the fiberfill with your favorite essence and then wear one as an aroma-brooch or shawl pin."


The sky's the limit. You will have instructions for both large flowers and small flowers -- and wouldn't beads be a great addition to these as well?