Queen Mab: Beaded Kits

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Watered Silk
Watered Silk
Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl
Nina's original ones are shown in the pictures here and following.
Nina's original ones are shown in the pictures here and following.

A most beautiful design, created by Nina Dayton.

This kit offers the pattern and beads and yarn to make this stunning piece -- it will be a different yarn and a different color than the originals made by Nina but oh-for-sure it will be a beauty. Read on for more data.


. Queen Mab is a lovely beaded piece -- it glows!

For those who don't know who Queen Mab is, she was first mentioned by Shakespeare in his Romeo & Juliet as a miniature creature who drives her chariot and compels sleeping people to experience dreams of wish-fulfillment.

The Design

Here is how Nina describes this shawl:

With 500 seed beads that sparkle like moonbeams in mist this crescent shaped shawlette is reminiscent of the mantle that fairy Queen Mab might draw around herself as she flies through the night bestowing sweet dreams upon slumbering mortals.

“In bed asleep while they do dream things true

O, then I see Queen Mab hath been with you…

Her collars of the moonshine’s wat’ry beams…

Through lover’s brains and then they dream of love…”

-- Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, Act I; Scene IV


And so Nina created a wondrous piece, reminiscent of faery-land and the beautiful dreams thereof.

Yarn and Colorways

Requiring only between 437 - 450  yards of fingering weight yarn and 500 size 6/0 beads, this is a really lovely shawlette. (The finished size is 15" deep x 60" wingspan.)

We put together kits using the delicious Fino from Manos Del Uruguay.  With 70% merino + 30% silk, you can imagine how lovely this feels.  Plus each skein has 490 yards (450m) per 100g skein so one skein is plenty for this beauty. 

These are not yarns nor colorways that Nina used in her original but with a bit of imagination I am sure you can "see" it. The inset photo on the lower righthand corner of the first picture and the ones below that show the yarn. The other photos are there to show you the design of the shawlette.

Your choice of two colorways: 

1. Watered Silk is a tonal blend of varying grays and teals from very light gray to a robin's egg blue. 

2.  Mother of Pearl is another gorgeous tonal, this time a gray goes into lilac and violet.   


With each kit you will also get 500 size 6/0 beads to catch the light and glisten with moonbeams.

There are quite a few color options for the beads -- let me choose for you and I'll include beads that strike me at the time as marvelous for this piece. You might one that mirrors the colors in the yarn or you might get a contrasting one.

If you have a preference on bead color, let me know.  Otherwise I will choose for you.


The beads are added using a very thin crochet hook, not included in the kit -- if you need help finding one, we carry them. You must also provide your own knitting needles -- Nina used size 5 (US) circulars, recommending at least 24" long.

The Pattern 

Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern. The cost has not been added to the kit and we offer three options for getting it.

You can get the pattern directly from Nina on her Ravelry page.  This is a good way to go if you like to have patterns stored in your Ravelry library.  It also means that you will automatically get any updates. In that case, set the drop-down menu to No Pattern Needed. 

If you prefer, however, the pattern can be printed out -- the drop-down menu offers this option. 

Or I can email it to you, if there is some reason you would prefer that.  This is not automatic however; I generally do this on the day that I send you the kit.