Queen Mab/Pattern by Nina Dayton

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This one really sings to me!

Nina Dayton is the amazing designer who brought us the Henry Street Shawl (and Shawlette) design. Here we present her Queen Mab, a most lovely beaded piece that is simply beautiful!

Queen Mab was first mentioned by Shakespeare in his Romeo & Juliet as a miniature creature who drives her chariot and compels sleeping people to experience dreams of wish-fulfillment.

Here is how Nina describes this lovely piece:

With 500 seed beads that sparkle like moonbeams in mist this crescent shaped shawlette is reminiscent of the mantle that fairy Queen Mab might draw around herself as she flies through the night bestowing sweet dreams upon slumbering mortals.

“In bed asleep while they do dream things true

O, then I see Queen Mab hath been with you…

Her collars of the moonshine’s wat’ry beams…

Through lover’s brains and then they dream of love…”

-- Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, Act I; Scene IV


So Nina created a wondrous piece, reminiscent of faery-land and the beautiful dreams thereof. Requiring only 437 yards of fingering weight yarn and 500 size 6/0 beads, this is a really lovely shawlette. (The finished size is 15" deep x 60" wingspan.)

What we offer on this webpage is the hard copy of the pattern -- 5 pages printed out on heavy weight paper, slid into a sheet protector and mailed to you. And btw, this pattern contains both charted and written instructions.

A gorgeous creation with lots to keep you interested.