Rainbow Magnetic Hematite / 6mm and 4mm

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Those who have done our intriguing Magnetic Progressions Necklace have experienced the fun of "playing" with magnetic beads.

These are most unusual ones that we have just discovered: Rainbow magnetic hematite beads in the 6mm size (sorry, sold out!) and also the smaller 4mm size, both with strikingly iridescent colors. There are glowing purples, greens, violets and golds predominating.

I can think of so many interesting jewelry pieces that can be made using these -- unfortunately I am a bit low on time and won't get to the designing for a while.

I don't want to hold back any creative spirits here!

So we are offering the beads as themselves for those who would like to explore further. And if you make something that you especially like, we'd love to see pictures -- maybe we could offer your design here on Earth Faire for others to duplicate as well!

These are what are considered "regular magnetic hematite" and must be worn with a clasp. To clarify: These are the same "power" magnetic beads as the ones we include in the Magnetic Progressions kit. They have a lot of attraction (pun intended) to each other! There are some magnetic beads that are strong enough to be used just as themselves as a clasp. These are not those extremely high-power magnetic beads.

Each strand of 6mm has roughly 68 of these magnetic beads. Each strand of the 4mm have about 100 beads.

These could look great together.

Have a glorious time creating!