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I scattered some 6/0 Silver Lined Light Sapphire beads on the yarn just to give you an idea of the look.
I scattered some 6/0 Silver Lined Light Sapphire beads on the yarn just to give you an idea of the look.

Oh my yes indeed.

Bev of Boo Knits created this marvelous design a few years ago but I simply had to put together some new kits for it.  

Bev tells a lovely tale of how it got its name:

She writes, "We are very much a 'glass half-full' family and always called the shafts of light through dark clouds 'Angel's Fingers' or 'Rainshine'. The ultra-dramatic points on the edges of the shawl, glistening with beads, remind me of those Angel's Fingers, shining and reaching towards the ground."

Big smiles here.

It is a little crescent shaped shawl which is worked from the top down and has been designed to be knit in laceweight yarn -- you end up with a fine and open lace with beads that float in the fabric like little raindrops.

Such a wonderful vision.

Yarn and Colorways

This pattern has been written for a 400m skein of yarn in lace weight though Bev mentions that it can also be knit in fingering weight -- a less lacy effect will be produced.  A larger size can be knit by simply increasing the yardage. With a stocking stitch body and repeatable lace section you will have no trouble at all knitting your shawl to a size and combination that suits you.


Our kits give significantly more yarn than you would need for this smallest size.  You can see what we have put together in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.

From Juniper Moon Farm we offer Findley Dappled, a lace weight yarn of 50% wool/ 50% silk and having 798 yards (730m) per 100g.  One ball gives you well more than you will need. 

Though the colorway is composed of many hues (blue, lilac, aqua, brown, gray though you really have to look closely to see all of these), they blend together to a lovely mix that combines into an tonal blend reminiscent of the ocean.  Indeed the colorway is named Sea and that is just perfect. 


Also in the kit will be about 300 beads -- Bev suggests size 6/0s.   

That is what we will include (unless you tell me that you would prefer the lighter and smaller 8/0s). No problem adjusting for individual taste -- either should look very very fine, with the 6/0s standing out more.

If you have an idea of what color bead you'd like, tell me. Otherwsie I will choose for you. and if you'd prefer cubes or triangles (see last photo on this page), let me know and I'll do my best. 

The Pattern

The kit does not automatically include the pattern. Set the drop-down menu as you would like for getting it.

We have found that many knitters prefer getting the pattern via the designer's Ravelry page.   This ensures it is saved in their Ravelry library and also that they will get any updates right away.  If you decide to go this route, then please set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed" and we'll just send you the yarn and beads.

Alternatively we can print the pattern for you and send it on.  Or just email it directly to you though this is done manually and usually right before shipping your kit.