Rani Cuffs/ Beaded Kits

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The original cuffs as shown on Knitty.com
The original cuffs as shown on Knitty.com

We brought back kits for this, a most stunning set of beaded cuffs by Katherine Matthews!

When we first were shown this free pattern from the Summer 2009 issue of Knitty.com, we knew we had to (simply had to!) find yarn and beads so that we could offer this kit.

We now have again a wonderful (wonderful!) combination of yarn and beads to offer.

You can find the pattern here.

Please note that for copyright reasons, we cannot print out this pattern for your use. However, you may print it out for your own personal use as many times as you'd like. And Knitty makes it easy to do, as you see on the web page.

This design is simply gorgeous. I quote here the amazing designer:

"“Rani” is a beaded cuff pattern. The name “Rani” means “queen”, and this pattern was inspired by inspired by a photograph of Hindi film actress Rani Mukherjee wearing a mulberry sari with gold embroidery."

Oh, yes. This is special.

We are unable at this time to offer you here the exact yarn in the exact colors that Katherine (the designer) used in her samples as Shibui is no longer producing their Sock yarns. We have instead some lovely colorways in their Staccato, a 70/30 merino/silk blend with 191 yards per 50g skein. 

We have added the same or very similar beads as the original ones for these kits -- golden, unless you tell us differently.  And have no reservation at all that these will look amazingly glorious.

Ivory is pure and simply cream.  This will look great with golden beads (though if you would prefer a different bead color it is easy to change; just tell me.)

Suit is a deep and rich navy blue. Here again golden beads should look lovely but if you'd prefer silver ones, they would look very fine indeed.  Again, all you need to do is to let me know.  (Sorry, sold out)

Imperial is a wondrous merlot color.  It would look amazingly regal with golden beads; silver or a dark red-violet would also look superb.  If you have a preference, tell me. (Sorry, sold out)

Each kit will contain your choice of yarn (by color) and 35 grams of 8/0 beads (more than you will need) to go with them.

Make your choices from the drop-down menu and have a wonderful time creating...

This is a beauty.