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Colorway #308 (Sunrise)
Colorway #308 (Sunrise)
Colorway #307 (Twilight)
Colorway #307 (Twilight)
The following photos are of Susanna's original shawls, © Susanna IC
The following photos are of Susanna's original shawls, © Susanna IC

An absolutely gorgeous design by  Susanna IC, Rautini started its life as a MKAL.  And now it makes its appearance in all its glory -- and glorious it is indeed!


Be sure to get your pattern directly via Susanna's Ravelry page and simply get your yarn and beads from us.


The Design

Here is what Susanna writes: 

This shawl design was inspired by the striking blooms of Rautini, also known as the Chatham Island Christmas tree, which is found only on New Zealand’s Chatham Islands. Admired for its brilliant clusters of daisy-like flowers, this unique plant blooms during the summer in Southern Hemisphere.

This design is my classic top-down short row crescent shawl with two size options, Large and Small, which can be customized even further.

The pattern is charted and includes full row-by-row instructions as well.

The short rows are worked in garter stitch, so the wraps can be left in place, unworked, hidden within the texture.

The lace pattern is worked only on the right side of the project and the wrong side rows are all simply purled.

There are beads added throughout the lace and three different beading options are charted, but the project will work just as well without any beads.

Yarn and Colorways

Susanna mentions that both sizes of the shawl can be worked in lace or fingering, as well as sport weight and DK yarns (though of course the heavier yarns may require extra yardage and larger needles).  And she recommends solid, tonal, and gradient or ombre yarns to work with the lace.

What we have put together is not the same yarns as she used in her original.  You can see our yarn in the inset photo on the top picture (upper right hand corner) and again below that. 

What we have for these kits is the scrumptous Katia yarn called Infinity Shawl.  This is 100% virgin wool with 656 yards (600m) per 150g ball (already wound for you; yay!).

So one ball should be enough to make one of the smaller sizes of this shawl. 

These skeins are dyed in gradually changing colors to form a whole that is really lovely.  

We have two colorways you can choose between.

1.  Color #308 is has a lovely antique look to it, a Victorian garden blending from a mauve gradually into a soft teal.  I see it also as the colors of a lovely sunrise.

2.  Color #307 is a twilight blend of hues, from a periwinkle into a green teal into a soft almost-rose. 


The beads may be optional but our kits will definitely include them. Susanna also gives a choice between adding "lots of beads, fewer beads, and just edges."

As this kit allows you to make the smaller size, we are automatically adding enough beads for the "just edges" to each kit -- that's 70 size 6/0s, or about 6 grams. 

If you would like more we add two options to the "kit" drop-down menu above.  You can get an additional 8 grams (for a total of about 14g), enough for the "fewer" option.  Or you can get an additional 23g (total of 30g) which will allow you to add "lots of beads".

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.  I tend to like to mirror the colors of the yarn though still capturing the light enough to not get lost. 


Of course if you would like to make a larger size, you could go for two kits or contact me and we can discuss options.

Here's to a marvelous time!