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Kit A: Birth of Venus (Pittura) + Sand Dollar (Breathless)
Kit A: Birth of Venus (Pittura) + Sand Dollar (Breathless)
Kit B: Grande Odalisque (Pittura) + Mole (Breathless)
Kit B: Grande Odalisque (Pittura) + Mole (Breathless)
Kit C: Blues + Cream in Nordlys
Kit C: Blues + Cream in Nordlys
Lesley Anne's original shawl
Lesley Anne's original shawl
The reverse side -- brioche knitting gives you a piece that is totally reversible!
The reverse side -- brioche knitting gives you a piece that is totally reversible!

In my "other life", as a regular person (ha!), lately you might find me with my feet up on the coffee table, working out the glories of knitting brioche.  That has been my latest obsession and I am in awe of the amazing designers who create such fabulous patterns. 

One of my recent finds as a designer is Lesley Anne Robinson who is the genius behind this shawl, Rebel.


 You must get the pattern from Lesley Ann on her Ravelry page  What we have here is the yarn for making this lovely shawl.

The Design

Here is what she writes: 

Princess Leia :: a rebel, a role model, an icon.

On December 27, 2016, the world lost Carrie Fisher. This shawl was created as a tribute to her memory as Princess Leia from Star Wars.

To the Lost Princess :: Rebel is a crescent-shaped whimsical lace shawl inspired by Princess Leia from Star Wars. Rebel One is knit using the one-color brioche stitch. Rebel Two is the same shawl pattern, knit using the two-color brioche stitch.


Basic brioche skills are not required, but are recommended.

Techniques used: knit, purl, brioche knit (brk), brioche purl (brp), brioche increases and decreases.

This crescent-shaped shawl is knit from center back down, with increases along the edges. Using a combination of radical increases and decreases, small brioche bobbles are created to adorn the top edging.

The shawl is finished with a dramatic lace border, utilizing the same radical increases and decreases that were used for the edging, but in a more intricate way. The brioche lace was all inspired by Princess Leia’s iconic hairdo, the Rebel symbol, and galactic ships from Star Wars.

The Yarn

The yarn we offer in this kit is not not not the same as what Lesley Anne used for her original one.  You can see ours in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. 

What is needed for Rebel Two (which is what this kit is for, the two-color brioche shawl) is two colorways,  one with about 437 yds / 400 m and the other with about 410 yards (375m).  


For Kit A and Kit B, the first yarn in each kit is Pittura.  Louisa Harding  has stunning colorways in her Pittura yarns.   This is a 75% Wool, 25% Viscose with approximately 437 yards per 100g skein.  One skein will be included. 

It feels lovely. What makes it extra special is the colorways -- they have been designed around the paintings of some very amazing artists.  And the mix of colors are truly outstanding. 

The second yarn in Kit A and B is Breathless.   Breathless is a delicious blend of 75% superwash Merino/ 15% cahsmere/ 10% silk with 420 yards per skein. 

So again, one skein per kit. 


Kit A:  Pittura in Birth of Venus is a colorway that has been growing on me.  When I first saw it , all I saw was the neutrals, kind of like when you first glance at the painting by Botticelli.  Then on further look, I asw all the amazing nuances of colors -- there are greys and browns and golds and blues -- really striking. 

The Breathless color we chose to go with it is Sand Dollar, a lovely pale and sandy colorway, a solid tone of gentle dunes.  This is a delicate tone, with just a suggestion of warmth.


Kit B:   Here the Pittura is Grand Odalisque, named after a painting by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.  The colors are rich and exotic --- pink and rose melding into fuchsia and mauve and burdundy and a touch of violet.  Gorgeous. 

The Breathless is called Mole, a medium gray that is soft and very cuddle-able.  


Now, much as I love Pittura and Breathless as yarns that feel and look awesome and will make beautiful shawls, I also really wanted to offer a set of yarn that would mirror more closely the look of Lesley Anne's original.  

So here is Kit C composed of Nordlys, a fingering weight yarn, each skein has 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and 350 meters (385 yards). It is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon.

We have two colorways that work beautifully together.  The first has loooooong color runs in  a subtle range of Blues from a pale blue to a true blue and gradually changing into turquoise of varying intensities.  The other is pure and simply Cream.  

However, you can see from the yardage that one skein each would be shy for this design.  So these kits will have two skeins of Blues and two of Cream -- you will have extra but that is much much better than too little, don't you think? 

However, as these yarns are not quite as luxurious as the other two, this kit costs just a bit more.  You can see the additional charge on the drop-down menu. 


Remember:  get the pattern from Lesley Ann on her Ravelry page.

BTW, both Rebel One and Two are both written and charted!