Reptile Skin: Kits (+ Eyes?)

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Kit A
Kit A
Kit B
Kit B
Paola's original
Paola's original

This design has been engaging my attention for quite a while.  I keep thinking about it and mentally putting together yarn combos that would suit it.

Well, I decided it was time to take it out of the mental realm and into "real life."  By Paola Albergamo , Reptile Skin will be marvelous to knit!


Please make sure to get the pattern from the designer on her Ravelry page here.  Our kit has not factored in the pattern at all and is simply the yarns we have selected to go together well for knitting it.

And "eyes" if you'd like -- see last section on this page for more data. 


The Design

Here is how Paola describes this piece:

Reptile Skin is an elongated shawl worked sideways featuring a simple two-color brioche pattern worked on a garter stitch background… fun and three-dimensional as only brioche stitch can be. With the plus benefit of being reversible!

Two-color brioche stitch worked flat is a little complex to handle at first, but has the big pro of having 3 rest rows every “pattern” row.

The main design element of this shawl are the brioche “scales” in different sizes that run along the piece, formed by double increases and decreases, forcing the fabric in three-dimensional shapes, in a play of texture with two different “garter” stitches, that reminds me of a Reptile skin.

The garter stitch background between the “scales” is worked following the brioche stitch color changes, knitted on a “brk” row and purled on a “brp” row. In this way, the garter stitch shows an unusual “marled” effect.

At the top of the shawl, after the “scales” and before the upper border, there is another garter section which is worked with the same color sequence, but using only the knit stitch, and the garter stitch looks completely different, adding texture and interest to the shawl.

Each one of the textures and stitches used gives a perfectly reversible result, so the shawl looks awesome on both sides.

The Yarn and Colorways

Our yarn is not the same as what Paola used in her original piece.  You can see what we offer in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

Paola used Malabrigo Sock yarn and suggests fingering weight wool (or wool mix) yarn in two colors, approx 440 yards/400 m each.

I really like the yarns we put together for these kits.


Kit A is kind of sort of for those seeking a crocodile-ic look :-)

1.  From Schoppel, this yarn is called Wunderklecks, what the Schoppel folks describe as a unique tie-dyed sock yarn.  The fiber is 75% Superwash Virgin Wool - 25% Nylon
and there are 460 yards per 100 gram ball.

This colorway is called November Rain and is a marvelous melody of varying greens.  I see evergreen and olive, teal and sage, and many hues in between.

2. A beautiful yarn from Manos del Uruguay,  Fino (70/30 blend of merino/silk with 490 yards (450m) per 100g skein) is here in the colorway Crystal Goblet.  This is a tonal almost-solid with subtle variations of pale mint and even paler sky blue. 

(There are, to be honest, a very few places where these two colorways will meet and match but overall there is a good contrast.  I also looked at the Project Pages and this piece where the colors "met" on occasion also looked very fine indeed to my eye.)

One skein of each colorway (1 x 2 = 2) will make up this kit.


Kit B is sort of kind of more serpentile-ish :-)

1.  Madeleine Tosh's Tosh Mo Light has 80% superwash merino wool/ 20% kid mohair with 420 yards (384m) per 100g skein.  The colorway is Eleven Lite, a lovely and somewhat subtle speckled look on cream with splashes of violet and aubergine, blue and plum, and a few dots of green as well.

2.  Again Fino, this time the almost-solid tonal Promenade.  This is variations in an Antique Rose look, some tones darker with a bit more blue ot them and some lighter with a bit more bronze-rose.  This colorway picks up some of the colors in the speckles in Eleven Lite and the two really enhance each other.

Again, one skein per colorway (1 x 2 = 2) makes up this kit.


P.S.  I do have a few kinds of safety eyes that might look good for the "faces" at each end of the wrap.  If you would like to try these (or would like a bit more data) let me know.  I have a few plain black ones and (currently) a very few blue ones with slitted pupils (very reptilian). 

Or if you think you might like a few fire polish crystals to stand as eyes, we can do include those too.  Those could look very good too.

Just tell me as you check out via the "Comments" section if you'd like to try out one or the other of these and I'll include in your kit something for you.

(BTW, there are lots of intriguing safety eyes on as well as on Amazon.  Or do some hunting for buttons or flat-ish beads perhaps.  Even embroidery would look great.)