Rhythmical Lines/ Original Colorways

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The yarns
The yarns

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A wonderful design by Paola Albergamo, here we present kits for Rhythmical Lines, using the same yarn and colorways that you see here (with a very slight alteration, to be completely honest). 


Get the pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page hereThis page offers the gorgeous yarns only. 


The Design

Here is what Paola writes about her design: 

Rhythmical Lines is an infinity scarf featuring a super simple slip-stitch pattern inspired by a Waclaw Szpakowski drawing.

Szpakowski was a polish architect and engineer known for his sketches esploring the dynamical possibilities of simple lines. Here the original white background is replaced with a variegated-multicolored one and this variation gives a completely different flavor to the piece.

The scarf is worked to the desired length and then grafted.

Broken lines are worked on a colorful background, forming a pattern that can be seen as an argile-type design or as a succession of concentric rectangles or - of course - as a series of rhythmical lines.

The contrasting lines are thinner than the background because they are worked in garter stitch, while the background is worked in stockinette.

Knitting this scarf is very easy and fun, and the result is stunning! 

The Yarn and Colorways

Paola's original piece used, for the Main Color (MC), Manos del Uruguay Alegrìa (75% Superwash Merino, 25% Polyamide; 445 yards 420 meters/100 gr) in the colorway called Carnaval, for the variegated yarn as you see in these photos. 

And that is exactly what we offer for our kit too!

For the Contrast Color (CC) she used a different yarn, in a black. We decided to stay with the same Alegria yarn and bring in that Black as well to act as the striking contrast color. 

You will end up with more yarn than you need to make one (actually, you might be able to stretch this into two infinity scarves; very appropriate for gift-giving times).  

Each kit will give you Alegria Yarn, one skein in Carnaval and one in Black.  

Yum again.