Rialto 4 Ply: Navy

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Personally I tend to dislike taking time to wind yarn -- when I find a yarn I want to use I get impatient and want to start knitting it right away!   And so am happy whenever I see that it comes in balls that are already ready to go. 

However, the disadvantage is that often these balls get messy looking, like someone having a bad-hair-day.  And so it happened with these. 

They aren't tangled.  The yarn is high quality and unused.  It is just a tad messy looking and thus discounted 10%. 

Take advantage!  :-)


Rialto 4 Ply is a fingering weight yarn from Debbie Bliss, 100% SuperWash Extrafine Merino Wool, with 198 yards/ 50g ball. 

This color is a navy blue, a great color that is even an almost-neutral for a lot of others.



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