Ripples and Rills/ Cowl Pattern by Catie

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This is pretty special.

Catie has done a gorgeous design, using scrumptious feeling Silk & Ivory from the Scarlet Fleece (unfortunately no longer available), and some iridescent 6/0 beads.

The result?

Is there any question?


Now this is a very simple design. Perfect for new lace knitters.

Catie writes, "Do you suffer from "lace-a-phobia"? Do not fear, this lace design has 2 knit rows, 1 purl row, and one easy lace pattern row. "

The beads are added on the cast on and on the cast off. And add such a wonderful little addition!

The cowl has very subtle beads only around the edges -- a bit hard to see in the photo but a lovely addition in "real life" -- catches the light in a most pleasing way.

The cowl is shown flat in one photo below -- we wanted you to see that it is a simple un-shaped piece. That is it! It is that! It is lovely! Next to it is a picture of a friend of mine -- well, her neck anyway. She was amazed at how comfortable it felt.

A wonderful one-skein project! A great excuse for trying a new and luxurious yarn.

Besides the one skein of sport weight yarn (about 200 yards), you will want 130 of 6/0 seed beads.

[And of course, as a cowl, you could probably get just about any yarn to work with it! Just be aware that if you go heavier than sports weight, you will likely need more yardage as you change the gauge.]

I think it is a wonderful project -- and a perfect take-with-you-on-vacation piece.