Rivendell/ Kits: 2 Color Combos

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My beginnings....
My beginnings....
Kit A, showing two skeins of Soundwave though only one will be in your kit
Kit A, showing two skeins of Soundwave though only one will be in your kit
Kit B, showing two skeins of Abundance (again, one per kit)
Kit B, showing two skeins of Abundance (again, one per kit)
Natalia's original
Natalia's original

This is an amazing design by  Natalia Moreva.  Rivendell is so unique and fun to knit -- as soon as I saw it, I had to purchase it and cast on!  

You can see my beginnings in the second photo on this page -- I am enjoying the knitting tremendously. Indeed, the kits we offer here use much of the same yarns I nabbed in my first rush to try this out; I found they worked very well . 

You must get the pattern via Natalia's Ravelry page.

 A note:  Natalia does not write out step-by-step directions but rather she gives you a basic recipe for knitting this.  I found it easy to figure out but feel free to contact me if you would like any help with it.  

And one more note:  Be aware that this design uses short rows, a lot of short rows, as well as slip stitches.  Natalia used the "wrap & turn" method of doing the short rows.  I switched to German short-rows as I much prefer them, both the working of them and the look.  Again, feel free to contact me if you'd like tips on how to convert.  

As Natalia writes:  Rivendell is all-garter, non-stranded colorwork pattern

She suggests a total of about 660 yards (600 meters) of fingering weight yarn to make the size she achieved.  

Important: Our kits do not use the same yarns nor colorways as Natalia used in her original.  You can see what we have in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The second photo on this page also shows my beginning, using these same yarns though the colorway I used for the Rialto Luxury Sock is not what we have for these kits.  The other photos are of Natalia's original piece and used with her permission to show you the design.  

What our kits consist of is three skeins of Canopy Fingering, 50% baby alpaca/ 30% merino wool/  20% viscose from bamboo with 200 yards per 50g skein, two in the background color of Orchid (cream) or Cloud Forest (gray) and one in the deep brown Sasparilla for the branches. 

Plus, for the leaves themselves, we will include one skein of Debbie Bliss' Rialto Luxury Sock, a blend of 75% Wool/ 25% Polyamide with 437 yards/ 100g skein.  This yarn has long color runs and looks fantastic with the design, as the leaves gradually change colors. 

Here are the kits as we currently offer them: 

Kit A: Canopy Fingering in Cloud Forest (2 skeins) + Canopy Fingering in Sasparilla (1 skein) plus one skein of Rialto Luxury Sock in the colorway called Soundwave.  This is a beautiful blend of colors including turquoise, sky blue, some rose and browns and greys.  The combination is quite striking.  

Kit B:  Canopy Fingering in ‚ÄčOrchid (2 skeins) + Sasparilla (1 skein) + Rialto Luxury Sock in the colorway called Abundance.  Abundance includes the rich colors of vibrant Autumn leaves plus some deep evergreen, cobalt, teal blue and probably a few others I missed. (Sorry, sold out)


Each kit will give you approximately 1,037 yards of yarn, very likely far more than you will need. (We thought you'd appreciate being able to keep going as long as you wish.) 

Bear in mind that though our photos of our kits show two skeins of the Rialto Luxury Sock skeins, that is simply to show more of the overall color patterning.  Your kit will have one. 

Reminder on The Pattern

Please get the pattern from Natalia directly via her Ravelry page.