River Dragon: Beaded Kits

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Kashwool in Teal
Kashwool in Teal
Kashwool in Gray
Kashwool in Gray

River Dragon really caught my eye one day while wandering around Ravelry.  By Mindy Dykman, of Raven Knits Design, this shawl is a real beauty. 

We have a truly delicious and luxuruious yarn base to offer as kits here.

And an important additional note:  you must (!) get the pattern from the designer directly on her Ravelry page. What we offer is yarn and beads to make this beauty.

The Design

Here is what Mindy writes: 

This shawl is a classic top-down triangle with a three-stitch garter spine written for two sizes.

Estonian star stitches build into small shoulder feathers, with the long flight feathers growing to the ends of the shawl and finishing in angled net lace.

Beads are added along the edges of the feathers and caught in the net lace for a glittering draconic effect.



All that is required is 450 yards of fingering weight or sport weight for the smaller size (shown here in blue) or 600 yards for the larger (grey).

We have put together some kits using different yarns than what was used in Mindy's original pieces.  You can see our yarns in the inset photos on the top picture and again right below that.  The other photos are there to show the design. 


 From Katia, we brought in Kashwool, one of their Concept yarns. This is made up of 70% wool/ 25% nylon/ 5% cashmere.  There are 448 yards/ 100g.  

We offer your choice of two colorways:

Teal is just that, a lovely rich blue-green.

Grey is a charcoal, slightly heathered. 


Two skeins of the color you choose will be included in your kit. These two skeins will give you enough for the largest size.

(If you would prefer a smaller shawlette, let me know and I will set you up with a kit with just one skein and a lesser number of beads.)



Well, yes, the beads are optional but they add so very much. The larger grey shawl used about 900 size 6/0 beads.  That is about 75g of the Miyuki beads; your kit will include extras. 

If you have a preference for bead color, tell me. Otherwise I will choose for you.

The Pattern

Just a reminder to get your pattern directly from here.  This will put the pattern in your Ravelry library and also ensure that you get any updates or corrections that might be added.

BTW, these pattern instructions are both written and charted.


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