River Rock Scarf: Beaded Kits

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Sivia's original scarves
Sivia's original scarves

Sivia Harding took a design she had submitted for the book "No Sheep for You" and expanded it into a most marvelous concoction!

The Design

To quote Sivia:

This heavily beaded scarf is an exercise in stream of consciousness knitting. Follow your imagination as you add beaded “rocks” to the ribbed stream... or you can follow one of the four charted designs provided in the pattern.

Sivia also gives you what she calls "Further ideas for Play" --- ideas on modifying the shape of each "rock" in the scarf's "river", thoughts on variations of the bead colors, ideas for yarn colors.

Yarn and Colorways

We do not offer the same yarn that Sivia used in the original scarves you see on this page.  You can see our kit yarns in the inset photo on the bottom left of the top picture and again below that.  The other photos of Sivia's original pieces are there to show you the basic design of this scarf.

This design can used just about any yarn that appeals, ranging from sport weight to worsted weight yarn. Sivia suggests having between 200 and 360 yards to produce an ample piece that will do you proud. 

She lists the dimensions as "Infinitely variable!" -- if you follow the charted patterns your width will be about 5" (6 1/2) inches to a length of 60" (50"). But bear in mind these are scarves and can be as wide and as long as you have yarn for and wish to make them!

You can see from the various scarves in the Project Pages that this can successfully be knit with a solid color yarn or a variegated or anything in between. 

What we are offering in these kits are sport/DK weight yarn from Malabrigo called Rastita.  Each skein has 309 yards(283 meters)/ 100g.  

One skein will be included in each kit.  If you want more, you can get two kits and adjust the number of beads you get with each (see more data in the section below titled "Beads.")

The colorways we have for your kits:

1.  Black :  pure and simple, a solid (or as close as a hand-dyed yarn can get to it) of black. 

2.  Natural:  a lovely cream.

3.  Sabiduria:  a tonal blend of violets, orchids, and eggplant.

4.  Peacock:  again a tonal variegation, very cool this time with blues and teals and some of indigo and purple. 


Beads must be prestrung; pattern provides instructions and hints for bead management.

Bead requirements for these scarves are: 1,128 (696, 850, 1,536) size 6/0 seed beads.

Our usual containers contain about 420 of the 6/0 beads, so figure on between two and three or maybe even four containers depending on how heavily beaded you wish to make your scarf.

The "default" kit will include two containers of beads, size 6/0, all one color. 

If you want to change that, there are a few choices via the drop-down menu labeled "Kits". 

You can choose the number of containers of beads you want there or even decide to mix up the colors (see below)

This is the idea I had: to create a mix of colors on the beads. For example for Peacock, a mix similar to one of our Bead Stew mixes (though all of 6/0s) in variations of blues and purples and teals.  Or perhaps for the Natural, a mix of varying golden beads.  Or feel free to tell me the color of your winter jacket and I can put together a mix of beads that would reflect that. 

Just an idea. Playing with colors can be tremendous fun.

If you like this idea of a mix of colors chosen to look good with your yarn, that is also an option. 


The pattern is both written out and charted, with blank charts included for your own designs, and consists of 6 pages. 

We have not figured the pattern into the cost of the kit as there are so many different ways one might want to get it.

Please make sure the drop-down menu is set as you would like it before checking out.

1. If you would like me to print the pattern for you, that option is available.  It would be printed on heavy weight paper.

2. Alternatively, I can email the pattern directly to you.  Bear in mind this is not automatic.  I need to manually send it and usually do this right before shipping your kit. 

3.  You can get the pattern directly from Sivia on her Ravelry page here. This will save it for you in your Ravelry library as well as ensuring you will immediately get any updates.  If you plan to get your pattern via Ravelry instead of directly through us, set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed."