Riverstone Vest/ new pattern by Jane Thornley

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A wonderful new vest pattern by Jane Thornley -- this one is most unique and intriguing.

I quote Jane:

"Born of rock and moss, twig and leaf, the inspiration behind this vest is organic and elemental. The stones around my house, heaved up by glaciers in primordial times and texturized by nature over the eons, influenced the hues blended together in this tunic-length vest. When I wear it, I imagine I’ve donned a sheath of lichen like some (large) forest nymph. All right, so like some VERY LARGE forest nymph (just remember, they don't make nymphs like they used to).

"I enjoyed knitting this. Something about those furry, soft, silky yarns moving across the needles seemed simultaneously comforting and inspiring. When such skinny textured yarns are knit on size 9mm/US13 needles, all those textures seem netted among the strands like scraps of leaf and twig.

"Knit from carry-along yarns spiced by a few of Habu Textile's ever-inventive textures-- skinny, nebulous yarns like ladders or railroads, caterpillers and gossamer-light fairy fringes usually knit together with sturdier fare—this will knit up quickly on big needles. Still, the vest remains light.

"Wear it belted or loose. Knit it long as in the original or make a shorter version (shown in photos below). Eliminate the gently rounded shirt-like tails. Or not. Experiment by making one in lace-weight linen or some textured filament yarn. This is a design just begging to be tried in different ways and is perfect for the season."

I couldn't say it better.

If you click on the photo that is above right, you will see the back (of the original length) in more detail.

Fun fun fun!

P.S. What we offer here is the printed version of the pattern. If you prefer a PDF file, Jane offers that on her website.