Riviera by Gedifra: 3 Colors

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This is a lovely yarn, perfect for anyone with a wool allergy or simply wanting to knit with a different mix of fibers.

The yarn is from Gedifra and is called Riviera.  It is made up of 72% cotton/ 16% silk/ 12% viscose and has a lovely sheen to it.  Each ball has 110 yards (100m)/ 50g. 

We brought in three colorways: 

Honey (a lovely gold) (Sorry, out of stock)

Cream (an almost-white) (Sorry, out of stock)

Navy (a deep midnight blue)


I wanted to be sure that 6/0 beads could be added to the yarn, both by pre-threading and by adding via a thin crochet hook.  I decided to try out the pattern by Nina Dayton called Teardrops Cowl, a beautiful neckpiece studded with shining beads.  The crochet-hook-method was a bit tight but do-able.  The pre-threading was a breeze. 

Love the look!


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