Road To China Lace/ Neutrals and Golden Topaz

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A gorgeous new lace weight yarn from the folks at The Fibre Company: Here is Road to China Lace, an absolutely scrumptious blend of 65% baby alpaca/ 10% cashmere/ 10% camel/ 15% silk.

Yum and yum again! The feel is amazing!

Each skein is 100 grams and has 656 yards of deliciousness.

On this web page we offer some of the colors we got in -- a few neutrals and a lovely gold.

Grey Pearl is a medium grey.

Pewter is a deeper charcoal grey.

Riverstone is a delicate ecru. • Topaz is not a neutral but is a lovely rich golden tone.

Just be aware that right now these are of limited quantities --- we are trying this out.

There is a marvelous collection of patterns, designed by Laura Nelkin and called The Pathways Collection that were designed specially for this yarn. You can find the patterns as a set or as individuals here on Ravelry.

One other suggestion: you can scroll through our our patterns that offer a bead gift, find one that sings to you that uses lace weight and create your own kit --- that will be pretty darn awesome.

Really very special indeed.