Road to Yesterday: Beaded Crochet Cowl Kit

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Portofino (one ball per kit)
Portofino (one ball per kit)
Lily's original cowls are shown next.
Lily's original cowls are shown next.

I really love the designs of Lily Go.  She seems to have an amazing eye and a design sensibility that simply sings to me. 

We have often offered kits of her knitting designs; this time I'd like to show you a beautiful crocheted cowl called Road to Yesterday

(There is a special note to knitters at the bottom of this web page.)

The Design

Here is what Lily writes: 

Road to Yesterday is a crocheted cowl worked in the round. With textured body, and trim with beautiful lace, you can make this cowl in any weight of yarn.

You can get a cozy and warm cowl with heavier yarn for fall or winter, or dainty and lacey piece with lighter weight yarn to create a dramatic effect to your outfit.

The Yarn and Colorways

What makes this pattern even more special is that it can be knit in any lace, fingering, or DK weight yarn. 

We have selected some strikingly lovely new yarn from Knitting Fever.  This is not the same yarn as what Lily used for her originals; you can see ours in the inset photos on the top picture on this page and again below that. 

If you look at the lovely projects on the Ravelry Project Pages for this design, you will see many crocheted this in a yarn with tonal and variegated colorways. 

The yarn is called Huenique Sport and feels just amazing to the touch.  It is a 50/50 blend of wool and acrylic, with 350 yards (320 m) in each 100g ball.  And yes, it is a pre-wound ball, which is a great extra in my oh-so-humble opinion.  

The colorway we chose for this is called Portofino and is a marvelously rich blend of blues and purples (mostly) with occasional highlights of green.  It has an awesome depth to it.  


The amount of yarn you get in one ball will allow you to make a cowl between 32" and 36", depending on the gauge you get. 

We will include plenty of 6/0 beads, assuming you are making the largest size possible with this.  You would need at least 140 size 6/0 beads --- we will include a 20g container so you will have about 240 beads, so no worries if the cat jumps into your lap and you spill a few. 


The pattern has not been figured to be included automatically in this kit.

You can get the pattern directly from Lily on her Ravelry page.  This will save it in your Ravelry library and ensure you get any updates as soon as released.  

Or if you prefer I can email it to you once the kit is packaged up.  There is that option via the drop-down menu above. 

We could even print out a hard copy for you. 

Just select via the "Pattern" drop-down menu the form that suits you best.  (If you are going to get it directly from Nim on Ravelry, set the drop-down menu here to "No Pattern Needed.")


Note for knitters:

If you love this yarn and want to knit a different though also gorgeous cowl, you could use this yarn and bead combo to make Lily's lovely The Cowl Never Bothered Me Anyway.  



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