Robin/ Pattern With Kit Option + Bead Gift/ by She-Knits

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What a wonderful thing we are able to offer!

This is a marvelous design, by She-Knits (aka Sharon Dreifuss) to make a most intriguing and unique shawl, called Robin.

I found this on Ravelry and fell in love -- contacted Sharon and here we are!

Robin is a lovely shawl, with lace in the center, beads and bobbles. She (doesn't the shawl seem like a "she"?) is a beaded shawl worked side to side. The pattern is written completely in text with many detailed explanations and tips for knitters that are newer to lace and beaded knitting. There are also charts for the beaded sections if you prefer to work from a chart.

I love that the beads make pictures as well as being scattered beads throughout the knitting. Such a great idea!

All that is needed is 650 yards of a fingering weight or lighter yarn plus 710 of size 6/0 beads. The beads are added via the crochet hook method, so you will need a very fine crochet hook, size 12 or thinner, to add them with.

There are lots of beautiful options -- any fingering weight yarn will look amazing and quite unique unto itself. Use our Search engine to see these yarns -- we highly recommend. (For your convenience, the link below will take you directly to the Fingering Weight yarns.)


Here is what we are offering, option-wise:

Sharon also offers this pattern as a PDF file on Ravelry, complete with links to video how-tos and a lot of pattern support. If that is what you want, check her out there and have fun.

What we are offering here is (a) a hard copy of the pattern, 23 printed pages on heavy-weight paper and slid into a sheet protector or a binder and (b) the offer that if you purchase the needed yarn to get this at the same time (any of our fingering weight yarns, 650 yards worth), we will include as our special gift half-price on all of the beads that are such an intrinsic part of this beauty.

I think this is pretty amazing, no?

Here is how it will work: After you select your yarn, also choose two "regular" 35 gram containers or three of the smaller 20 gram containers if the beads are packaged in those (you need roughly 60 grams) of size 6/0 beads to use with your yarn and pattern. After you check out, we will refund half of the cost of the beads back to you.


And Sharon includes a special poem, for Robin, which I copy below:

The wind told the grasses,

And the grasses told the trees.

The trees told the bushes,

And the bushes told the bees.

The bees told the robin,

And the robin sang out clear:

Wake up!

Wake up!

Spring is here!


And this design will certainly help bring the joy of Spring any time of the year!