Roiling Waters II: More Kits

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Kit A
Kit A
Kit B
Kit B
Marin's original scarves.
Marin's original scarves.

We just had to bring these back!


This scarf really sings to me.  I love the way the short-rows combine to create a strikingly lovely swirl of colors. By Marin Melchior of Marinja Knits it is a real beauty.

You must get the pattern from the designer's Ravelry page here.  Our kits are composed of yarn for this beauty. Each kit includes enough yarn for the scarf or for the stole version. 


Here is what the designer writes about her Roiling Waters:

Gorgeous pattern with lots of visual movement. 

Much more simple than the previous “Butterfly/ Papillion”, due to the more static nature of the pattern.

  • It is still not simple and takes focus.
  • It is not great for knit nights or social knitting… (sadly) … if you like to chat or drink wine…

It is appropriate for most knitting skills levels (you must be good at the knit stitch and willing to learn a couple new techniques).

However, we each know our own skills and attentive abilities. This one requires much attention. If you are not generally adept at that, even if you have been knitting for a long time, this may not be your best choice of work.

That being said, many beginner knitters have been able to make the more complex “Butterfly/ Papillion” - as they were intent on completing it.

The Yarn and Colorways

Alas, we were unable to get in the exact colorways of Amitola that Marin used in her originals -- they just weren't available any more -- but we contacted her for suggestions. 

She wrote back, "The Amitola is really prefect for Roiling waters.  I would only say, please try to have no color repeats in the opposing colorways to heighten the combinations.  That yarn is so delicious. I am amazed at the fact that it ALL kind of works.  Her colors are stunning."

And so! You can see our selections in the inset photos on the top picture of this page and again below it.  

Each kit will include two balls (skeins) of each colorway.

Our first kit uses two contrasting colorways of Amitola; our second kit offers one colorway of Amitola plus a solid colorway in Staccato.  If you look at the gorgeous designs on the Project Pages you will see quite a few made with a solid + a long color run yarn and they look great. 


Kit A:  

1. Cabernet is a lovely cool colorway that blends wine into violet.  

2Pacific is another part of the colorwheel altogether while again being a cool blend of hues. Here we have turquoise moving into blue and then a whisper of lilac as well. 


Kit B combines a colorway of Amitola with a solid color. (Sorry, sold out)

1.  Hook is a beautiful version of Amitola, that ranges from a deliciously cool teal into a violet into a blue.  

2. Ash is a wonderfully silvery gray in Shibui's Staccato, 70% superwash merino/ 30% silk, that feels absolutely marvelous.  Each skein has 191 yards/ 50g. 

As some of the sample scarves needed significantly less yardage than two balls of Amitola gives, we will include two skeins in each kit -- if you would rather have an extra skein, just let me know and I'll work it out with you.