Rosales/ Beaded Kit/ 100% Merino DK

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The Violet Set
The Violet Set
The Blue Set
The Blue Set
The Gray Set
The Gray Set
The Red Set
The Red Set
Nim's original piece
Nim's original piece
The shawl as knit by MythMouse.
The shawl as knit by MythMouse.
The shawl by RivendellKnitter, showing the beads beautifully.
The shawl by RivendellKnitter, showing the beads beautifully.

A beautiful new design by Nim Teasdale, Rosales can be knit in anything from lace weight through to DK weight.  


So we thought that for warmer seasons, when sometimes one wants a bit of warmth (AC can be cranked up hight!) and sometimes not, a lovely DK weight yarn dyed in lovely gradients would be perfect. 

Read on for more data.

The Design

Here is what Nim writes: 

Rosales is the order of flowering plants from which apple trees (and roses, and many other plants) descend.

This shawl was inspired by a beautiful old apple tree outside my front windows. This tree marks the passing of seasons with a cloud of pale petals and hum of happy bees in spring, the scent of apples in summer, the thick carpet of leaves in the autumn, and starkly elegant branches in winter. 

The shawl echoes this seasonal cycle with three parts, reminiscent perhaps of blossom, falling leaves, and winter’s rest.

So it is a perfect piece to knit to commemorate the passing of the seasons and the coming of Spring.  

The Yarn

What Nim used for her original shawl shown on this page was sport weight yarn, a total of 415 yards, using size 5 and 6 needles.  Her finished size was roughly (after blocking) 72" x 17".  

What we have for these kits is a different yarn and different colorways.  You can see ours in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  

We also have other photos which show some pieces that Nim knit and also the shawl as knit by RivendellKnitter (her Ravelry name) which shows the beads beautifully. Not only that, but we also got permission from Myth Mouse (Rav name) to show her shawl as well -- this will give you a wonderful look at ways to use gradients.  

These are DK weight gradiently-dyed yarns.  

From Katia, this yarn is yarn is 100% extrafine merino.  Each of these is a set of 6 yarns in graduated colors, totaling 150g, each smaller skein being 25g/92 yards.   So you will end up with 552 yards which work very well for this. 

What I like especially, on looking at Nim's design and these yarns, is the one could "save" a contrasting color skein for the bands across, and again for the lace border.  There is enough yarn to allow for quite a fluidity in how to use these colors.

In other words, if you are using the set of grays, for example, you could earmark the darkest black for the stripes and the lightest gray for the lacy border.  And the rest of the shawl would be knit in the bands of other grays in such a way to show these off well. 

Similarly, another example:  if you start with the red set, you will have a pink you might like to use for the border lace and a deep mulberry that would stand out nicely for the accent rows. 

(You could even go in with a friend and do two sets, mixing and matching with some more contrast-y colors.) 

Take a look at the Project Pages for Rosales to get more ideas. 

The Colorways

We brought in four colorways to start with.  Make your choice from the drop-down menu and have a wonderful time. 

Violets: This one runs from a pink into lavender to jam to amethyst to mulberry to raisin (I hope my names communicate.)

Blues:  From lightest to darkest, the range is from a pale arctic blue through an increase in tone to run through lapis and azure into a navy. 

Grays: From a pale cloud color, into deeper hues of dove and smoke and pewter and charcoal and finally ending in black. 

Reds:  This set starts wtih a deep red-orange and greadually deepens to a true red and then darker into ruby and garnet and finally a mulberry that is runs into the purple family.  

The Beads

Honestly, I am not sure how many beads you will need.  Nim does give you a placement to use on the edging for where to put beads, and the projects done with beads look awesome.

 Take a look in particular at RivendellKnitter's piece, the last couple of photos on this page (used with her permission) which shows the beads very clearly.  Note that she used a heavy lace weight yarn (and I am not sure of the size of her beads) but regardless, you can get an idea of the overall look from this.  Quite gorgeous, don't you agree? 

Nim tells me that she used about 200 beads for her shawl.

And MythMouse (that's the creator of the beautiful teal-and-tan shawl shown in the 9th and 10th photos on this page) was kind enough to count the beads on her larger shawl for us.  Following Nim's placements on the teal parts of her shawl, she used 301 beads.  She did also add an addtional 228 beads for her tan segments, deciding herself where to put them.  

I am offering two quantities of beads via the drop-down menu.  

The lesser amount (what is already included in each kit price) should give you roughly 400 beads, + or -.  

The larger amount of beads-- for a bit additional added to the kit --- will give you double that. A great option for those who really love bling....

I tried size 6/0 beads and they fit very well indeed on this yarn.  As would any of a similar size like the 4x4 cubes and the 4mm megatamas or the 5/0 triangles.  

Personally I like beads that pick up somewhat on the colors of the yarns.  If you have a preference, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

I know some knitters prefer to get the pattern directly from Nim via her Ravelry web page. This will give you a copy in your Ravelry library. In this case, set the drop-down menu above to "No Pattern Needed." This will also ensure that you receive any updates automatically. 

If you would prefer a printed copy or a PDF via email, please select that option via the "Pattern" drop-down menu. The PDF file will be emailed right before your kit is shipped.



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