Le Roy Cape : Kits in Cotton

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Another gorgeous design by Marin Melchior, Le Roy is a cape designed with her signature short-rows.  And is absolutely awesome!


Please be sure to get the pattern directly from Marin on her Ravelry page hereWhat we offer is the yarn to knit this beauty in. 



Here is what Marin writes;

Le Roy (the king), cape of short rows.

This piece is not difficult but requires patience and attention- and offers the BIG reward of a unique look. If you are able to Knit & Purl you CAN do this. It is much simpler than the Butterfly Shawl but has similarities.

If you are new to short rows, please try starting and seeing if it makes sense as you knit. It probably will not by just looking at the pattern, or pre-reading the pattern.

Seeing it as you knit really helps it make sense as to what is going on- JUMP in, try it, have confidence.

The Yarn and Colorways

As you can see from her Ravelry page, Marin knit two versions, one in neutrals (mostly black and white; very dramatic) and one is rich colors (quite beautiful indeed).

The colored one was made using Uneek Cotton, a 100% cotton yarn with 275 yards/ 100g.  

We brought in the exact colorways that Marin used in the wrap as you see it on this page and that is what we offer you!

Color A #1078, “the pinks” 3 skeins - 260 g used. (40 g left over) about 715 yds.
Color B #1081, “the blues” 3 skeins - 251 g used. (49 g left over) about 690 yds.

Each kit will include three skeins of each colorway.