Royal Peacock Kit 2

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This kit:  From left to right you will see 2 skeins of Blueprint, one ball of Aqua, one skein of Suit, and two of Bright Multi.
This kit: From left to right you will see 2 skeins of Blueprint, one ball of Aqua, one skein of Suit, and two of Bright Multi.
Natalia's original shawl
Natalia's original shawl

We had a very limited number of kits for this beauty that we posted last Monday ---  and they sold out super-fast .  Unfortunately I cannot get any more of the special Noro yarn that was an intrinsic part of that particular kit.

However, we do have other yarns that will look lovely with this design and so here we present:  Kit #2!


A most unusual piece, Royal Peacock is a striking shawl by Natalia Moreva sure to keep your interest as you knit. 

Please plan to get this pattern is via Natalia's Ravelry page. This puts a copy in your Ravelry library and ensures you get any updates right away.  

The Design

Natalia writes: 

This shawl is knit in three steps. The first is the middle stripe with the feathers, which is worked sideways. Stitches for the top and bottom parts of the shawl are picked up from the sides of the middle stripe. 

Techniques used: garter, slipped stitches, short rows, decreases/increases. 

The Yarn and Colorways

Knit in fingering weight yarn, Natalia says that to duplicate her original you will need 
200 g (750-800m) of fingering yarn total.


70 g of MC (shown white); 
60 g of C - the color of the feathers (shown blue green variegated) 
40 g of A - color of the wedges (semi-solid blue) 
35 g of B for the top of the shawl, and also for the bottom border (shown in three shades of blue). 

You can use solid, gradient, sectional, even self-striping yarn for C or B. The MC must be solid, and A can by anything, but not self-striping.


We have put together sets of yarn that we like very much for this beauty.  Most of the skeins are Staccato from Shibui, a 70% superwash merino/ 30% silk blend with 191 yards/ 50g. It feels delicious and shows stichwork beautifull.  

You can, of course, switch these around to suit your own personal aesthetics.  


For MC we have Staccato from Shibui Knits in Blueprint, a vibrant medium blue. Two skeins will be included, giving you 100g. 

For C, we have a wonderful yarn from Lana Grossa, called Lace Seta Degrade, a fingering weight yarn of 70% alpaca/ 30% silk and with 273 yards (250m) per 50g ball. The colors have been dyed in long color runs.  this is color #110 and is called (appropriately enough) Bright Multi.  It blends goldenrod into apricot into raspberry into plum into mint.   Two balls will be included. 

For A we have Staccato again in a deep navy blue called SuitOne skein is all you will need. This could also work well as B. 

For B we repeat the Lace Seta, this time in a solid color, a soft and pale sky blue that Lana Grossa named Aqua.  This does not duplicate any color in the other yarns but contrasts beautifully.  One ball will be in each kit, so you will have enough. Or perhaps you might like to do a switch and have this one as A. 


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