Saturn's Embrace/ Pattern by Heidi Barrett

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Oh yum!

By Heidi Barrett, this lovely shawl is a simple conglomeration of wonderfulness! Here is how Heidi describes Saturn's Embrace:

This shawl is a lovely display of the beauty of the long repeats of yarns such as Noro. The heart shape of the shawl creates a garment that hugs the shoulders and easily stays in place, versus shawls that you have to continually tug or pin in place to keep on.

Directions are both written and charted and provide instruction for both the beaded and non-beaded version of the shawl...

Heidi has made a wonderful pattern which allows for free substitution of yarns, and a marvelous whole. The pattern calls for one skein of a yarn with a long color repeat, two colors of a DK weight yarn to "go" with the multi, and your choice of beads or not. Plus you have a choice between adding the beads via a thin crochet hook, dental floss, or pre-threading the beads onto the yarn, whatever you find works best for you.

Choose one of our Noro Silk Garden Sock colorways. Then all you need is two colorways of a solid DK yarn to complement this (about 280 yards each) and 350 grams of size 6/0 beads.

If you would like help putting this together, just give us a yell (via email, of course)!

This will be lovely indeed.