Saxony: Cashmere + Merino (Free Patterns)

Dan’s hat  — he is not the model though :-)
Dan’s hat — he is not the model though :-)
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A really delicious yarn perfect for the men ( and women) in your life! 

I made my son a really marvelous hat of 2x2 ribbing using one skein of this yarn. He insisted on a simple hat (hence the ribbing design) but he really fell in love with the yarn.

Saxony  is 75% (!!!!) cashmere and 25 % extra fine merino. Can you imagine it? Each skein has  120 yards/ 50g. 

The merino wool means it has memory and will keep its shape (and warmth).  The cashmere is also warm and oh-so-absolutely-delightfully-soft. 

We brought in two neutral colorways. 

Obsidian is almost a black, a dark charcoal with some tweeded  flecks of lighter gray and very occasional gold. 

Abalone is a medium gray, somewhat  marled, and with black flecks. 


We have a limited number of free print patterns that use this yarn.  If you would like one, just say the word and we'll include it. 

What we have is a few of each of these

(While supplies last you could specify cowl, hat, headband, vest, shawl, or cardigan -- as we run out, however, we'll have to just send what is left.)