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Fortaleza with Lettuce --- the original colorway, Indonesia, is to the right.
Fortaleza with Lettuce --- the original colorway, Indonesia, is to the right.
Fortaleza with Ivy (again the original Indonesia is on the right)
Fortaleza with Ivy (again the original Indonesia is on the right)
These are photos of Svetlana's original.
These are photos of Svetlana's original.
And this one shows the
And this one shows the "wrong" side.

The Design

The creations of  Svetlana Gordon are quite unique and her patterns very well explained.  I find myself drawn to them again and again.

This one she calls Scarf Lavender, and it is a wonderful knitting adventure. 


Please get the pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here


We are offering somewhat smaller kits in the colorways described below.  These are similar to what she used but in sets of two skeins instead of four total -- read below for details. 


Svetlana used for her original Malabrigo Sock.  This is a plied superwash merino with 440 yards/ 100g. 

For Yarn A, for her original wrap, she used roughly half a skein each of two different greens (45g each) of Ivy and Lettuce.   These are both tonal blends of green, Lettuce being bright greens ranging from lime to chartreuse to grass green and Ivy being darker tones including pine, olive, and grass. 

These yarn colorways remain the same for these new kits. 

For Yarn B, she used 130g (just a bit over one skein's worth of yarn) of Indonesia, a variegated blend of greens, blues, and purples. 

We have now substituted Fortaleza, a colorway also with blues and greens and rich vibrant purples and fuchsias in addition.


So if you are going for the look that closely duplicates Svetlana's design in color and in size (as you see it in these photos) you would want the two different green skeins one each of Ivy and Lettuce and two skeins of Fortaleza (four skeins total).  This would give you a finished size of about 30cm x 190cm (that's about 11" x 75")

She mentions that the size is easily customizable. 

Honestly, as I looked at this I saw that you could likely make a great scarf with just two skeins (one of the greens and one of the variegated).  It would lack somewhat in depth of color and also, of course, in size.  It would for sure also look great though, in my oh-so-humble opinion and I have found that pocketbooks also matter....

So, to summarize, what would be needed to re-create the original scarf would be a total of four skeins -- one of each green and two of the variegated.  

We have set up our kits with only two skeins.  You can choose one Fortaleza with one Lettuce or one Ivy plus one Indonesia. 

If you decide you really want the original look, go for two kits, one of each. 



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