Scottish Stripes/ Noro Silk Garden Sock Kits

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#398: Gold/ Black/ Purple
#398: Gold/ Black/ Purple
#420: Purple/ Grey/ Green
#420: Purple/ Grey/ Green
This and each remaining photo is of one of the original pieces Chrissie knit.
This and each remaining photo is of one of the original pieces Chrissie knit.

Only one kit left.



Another fun one by Chrissie of Ursa Major Knits, Scottish Stripes is a marvelous way to use a yarn with looooong color repeats to best advantage. 

The Design

Here is what Chrissie writes: 

The design and name of the Scottish Stripes scarf was inspired by my close connection to Scotland - a land of deep and beautiful colors and a land where scarves are most certainly needed! Scotland has an awe-inspiring landscape and a distinct natural beauty, to be found in its deep sea lochs, majestic mountain glens and its rolling hills of heather.

With the colors I have chosen, I hope to evoke thoughts and memories of this magical and distant land that swirls with beautiful tartans - though it is a design which can easily be adapted to any color scheme you choose, such as the wonderful colors of the fall, with so many deep hues and beautiful tones inspired by the turning of the leaves.

The Scottish Stripes scarf is originally designed for Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace Yarns. You can choose any other yarn with a color gradient and even go for a different weight, but bear in mind that your required yardage and the size of your scarf might differ. 

Scottish Stripes is a seamless, fun to knit and completely reversible scarf. It is a seamless modular knit as you will join the modules as you go. 

All instructions are provided in written and charted form. You will find graphics that explain the architecture and how to join the modules plus ample photo tutorials on the joining techniques. This makes Scottish Stripes a feasible project for almost every knitter.

 The Yarn

For a scarf of 8 1/2“/24cm width and 50“/127 cm length Chrissie used 7oz/200g – 780 yards/700m of Mini Mochi fingering weight.

We offer for these kits Noro Silk Garden Sock, a yarn of 40% wool/ 25% silk/ 25% nylon/ 10% mohair, and with 328 yards (300 meters) to each 100 grams (3.53 ounces).  

Each kit will include two skeins for a total of 656 yards.  Note that this is a bit shy of the yardage Chrissie used.   If you would like a third skein for the longer scarf, just contact us and as long as we have stock we will set you up with it. 

We currently have the following colorways.  They were specially chosen because they have vibrant colors that will stand out well, each against the other, while still forming a harmonious whole.   

1. Golds/Black/Purple (#S398):  Picture a sunlit meadow with buttercups, daffodiles, lilacs and violets and the majestic mountains in the background.  Here are varying yellows and yellow-green and golds, iris and violets, charcoal and black. Striking!

2. Purple/Grey/Green (#S420):  This is a cool mixing of the colors of a spring garden.  Orchid, iris, lilac, amethyst blend into indigo, emerald, pink -- and I am sure I've missed some of the hues that are here.  Quite something.  

The Pattern

Please note that we have three options for getting the pattern. 

You can purchase it directly from Chrissie's Ravelry Store.  This will also make sure the pattern is stored in your Library and should there be any updates, you will get them automatically.  In this case set the drop-down menu labeled "Pattern" to No Pattern Needed.

You can also have a printed copy sent to you with your yarn.  The pattern is 12 pages long and would be printed on heavy weight paper and slid into a sheet protector. 

Or we can email it to you.  Just note that this is not automatic; I generally send it on right before I ship the kit.