Sea Fog/ Beaded Kits in Baby Silkpaca Lace

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Polar Morn
Polar Morn
Azul Profundo
Azul Profundo
Mary-Anne's original shawl
Mary-Anne's original shawl

Oh yum!

This yarn just feels awesome -- I wish you could reach through time and space and fondle it with me.  From Malabrigo, this is a lace weight yarn of 70% baby alpaca/ 30% silk and 420 ayrds/ 50g skein. 

I am delighted with the Sea Fog pattern by Mary-Anne Mace -- perfect together.

The pattern must be gotten via Mary-Anne's Ravelry page here. What we offer is yarn and beads to make this beauty.  Bear in mind that you must be comfortable with charts to use this pattern.  

Read on for more data.

The Design

Here is what Mary-Anne writes:

Sea Fog represents my return to the delights of lace weight knitting.

Like its oceanic namesake, Sea Fog is delicate and airy: a mist-like shroud for your shoulders when the weather turns cool.

Sea Fog is an elongated triangle that transitions to a crescent, giving it extra depth than a traditional crescent, but still retains the eye-catching curve that gives a crescent shawl its visual appeal. Central increases are hidden in the central motif that advances down the stockinette body, and then blossoms into a deep lace edge embellished with nupps and beads, flower motifs and arches.

Really stunning.

The Yarn and Colorways

This is not the same yarn as Mary-Anne used in her original pieces but will work beautifully with her design. 

You can see our yarn in the inset photos on the top picture on this page and again below that.  The other photos show Mary-Anne's original shawl so you can get a good idea of the design. 

The pattern calls for between 766 - 820 yards (700 - 750 m). Your kit will contain two skeins of Silkpaca for a total of 840 yards.  

We brought in two lovely colorways, both almost-solids. 

Polar Morn is a pale grey and in this yarn, with its shine, it looks like silver.  :-)

Azul Profundo is a rich blue just a tad on the teal side. 


Yes, this one comes with beads too!

Beads are part of the pattern, 163 size 8/0 seed beads.  So your kit will include a bit more than 5 grams, giving you at least 200 beads, the high quality Miyuki or Toho from Japan.

If you have a preference for color, tell me. Otherwise I will choose for you.

I am inclined to suggest contrast beads with these colors of yarn, the Silver Lined Crystal or Silver Lined Crystal AB striking me as perfect for either of them, though the Azul could also go with a S/L Capri Blue AB for a slightly more subtle look. 


Reminder:  get the pattern via Mary-Anne's Ravelry page here.



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