Sea Serpent: Kit (Crochet) With Extras

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Sweet Pea + Cream
Sweet Pea + Cream
These photos show Megan's original creatures, © Megan Lapp , and used with her permission
These photos show Megan's original creatures, © Megan Lapp , and used with her permission

Dragons are very close to my heart and I fell head-over-heels for the creations of Megan Lapp.

This one in particular, which she calls Sea Serpent, really appeals to me.  And so I started hunting around to see if we could offer a kit to crochet this in.


Make sure to get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here. What we offer is yarn plus some great extras to make up a kit as described below.


The Design

Here is what Megan writes:

An imperious Sea Serpent ready to guard a secret underground cave full of treasure, or loom dramatically over sea cliffs…. or cuddle on the couch.

The effect is amigurumi-like, though there are some distinct techniques used that are not used in single crochet-only amigurumi. The gauge is not crucial to the pattern as long as the stitches are tight enough to hold stuffing...

A Sea Serpent from this pattern is 10 INCHES tall from top of head to bottom of foot, 25 INCHES long from nose to tail, and body is 3 INCHES wide if using worsted weight yarn with a G (4.0mm) hook.

Yarn and Colorways and Extras

The cream-colored plus rainbow beauty that you see here from Megan was knit in cream and then painted using acrylic paints. You can get a better idea of the different parts of the creature as knit in two different yarns (such as in our kits) from the blue-ish serpent.

We decided to offer options in yarn so that you could make the fins and the tail (and anything else you like) in another color yarn and skip the painting.  You can see the basic yarns for our kits in the inset photo on the lower left-hand corner of the top picture on this page.

I did the math and added up all the sections and found that if you were to knit the entire dragon in one color of worsted weight yarn you would need 388 yards.


Each of our kits will include 2 skeins of Ella Rae's Classic Wool, a 100% virgin wool with 219 yards/ 100g in a simple Cream color.   That gives you 438 yards, more than enough to use it wherever you choose.

In addition, each kit will have one skein of Wisdom Yarns' Poems, also 100% wool, with 109 yards/ 50g.  This yarn is dyed in long color runs.  The colorway we have for these kits is called Sweet Pea and is a beautiful melody including lilac, violet and fuchsia. 

So each kit will give you a total of 547 yards of worsted weight yarn.


Megan also lists under supplies (in addition to yarn):  24mm Safety Eyes and 3 pieces of 18-inch 18-gauge paper wrapped stem wire.

Unfortunately I was not able to find 18"  18-guage paper wrapped stem wire but I did find the16" size -- so your kit will include 3 pieces of these wrapped stem wires(16 inch18-gauge).

Plus! One pair of 24mm safety eyes (black) will also be in your kit.

(Note: These are the size "eyes" that the designer recommends for this pattern.  They are a bit large and should give a very sweet look.  However, if you would prefer smaller ones, I have some safety eyes that are about 10mm in size as well.  Just let me know via the "Comments" section as you check out that you'd rather have these.)


Our kit will provide you with most everything that you will need with the exception of your crochet hook and fiber-fill.