Sequinicity + SilkHair or Silky Knit: Sets

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The Ella Rae folks had a brilliant idea.  To dye two yarns the same color that could work beautifully together. 

We have two sets here that you can choose between.

One set is from Ella Rae that were intended as perfect twins but ended up a not-perfect match.

And one set that was a happy accident mixing an Ella Rae yarn with a Lana Grossa one and ended up being marvelous match.

So go figure!


Each set includes one of the mohair/silk yarn as described below and the "matching" Sequinicity.


1.  Our Aquarium Set:

(a) Here we have SilkHair is from Lana Grossa and is 70% mohair/ 30% silk with 230 yards (210m)/ 25g ball.

The colorway is Dark Teal -- a rich and delicious color reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea at dusk.

(b) Sequinicity is the new yarn from Ella Rae, a 100% polyester with 295 yards (270m) per 50g ball.  It has tinysequins every couple of inches that match the thread and add a marvelous glow without taking over the whole piece.

This colorway is Aquarium and it matches beautifully with the Dark Teal. 


2. Our Periwinkle Set:

(a) This set includes a Ella Rae mohair/silk blend called Silky Kid and is 76% super kid mhohair and 24% silk with 219 yards (200m) per 25g ball.

It is a lovely Periwinkle color, sort of the sky right after dusk, a blue with just that whisper of lilac.

(b) The Sequinicity color however has a bit more green to it, making it a lovely sky blue but without that touch of lilac to it that would make it a true Periwinkle. 

So yes, here the two yarns were intended to be perfectly identical but it didn't quite work out that way.  However, if you hold them together as you knit, they will form a lovely color that combines both.

We are offering a discount on this set.


A few thoughts on using these:

I am using the Aquarium set held together to knit Glittering Galaxy.  I am using the Sequinicity + Silk Mohair where the designer used black with sequins on her original.  And I have some black yarn I am using for the outlines where she used a green. 

I really like the look.  It doesn't yell at me but it gives a marvelous sparkle.

Some other ideas I thought this combo could work in:

Protea Shawl

Waves of the Atlantic


There are undoubtedly lots more!



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